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How it works

Tap into a trusted, vetted and continously assessed professional services network

As a member you can call upon a broad array of business and technology skills, in a way that suits your budget, your timescales, and your needs.

Whether it’s a quick phone call with a GDPR expert, or bringing in a top notch information management consultant to run a two day workshop, or right through to hiring a complete software development team to deliver a new product. 


You’ve a choice on how to share your challenge/opportunity.  If you’re simply looking to fill a skills gap then just post the job/role and deal directly with interested experts. 

If on the other hand you’re looking to deliver a project or outcome you may find it more effective to discuss your objectives with one of the networks executive partners.


Once we’ve established your needs these are shared with members with the most appropriate backgrounds to potentially support you.  

You’re  free to connect with these members to further discuss your requirements and get a better feel on how they might fit with you and your business. 


Once you’re happy to engage with an expert member, you can configure the engagement model to suit  your needs. 

Whether this is a simple insight/advisory call,  a bespoke subscription service, or the placement of a permanent employee at a zero cost option, there are options to suit.


Unlike the typical expert marketplace platforms who specifically and contractually take no responsibility for experts,  we stay involved from start to finish to ensure our members have a positive experience.

We seek regular feedback on expert members “value add” all of which contribute to a core performance metric we share with members.

Connecting with outstanding business and technology specialists with the passion, and ability to bring your ideas to life.

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