Delivering an uplift in business performance involves multiple skills and solutions, coming together to focus on shared goals. Whether it’s insight to help shape your thinking, a brief talk with a peer who’s already been on a similar journey or delivery support from additional people with needed skills to help design and implement new systems and ways of working.

The HiveMind Network was born because many of the very best insight and delivery professionals no longer want to work for traditional professional services firms. ​Instead they’re setting up entrepreneurial small firms and working as independent experts.​ The goal for the HiveMind Network was to bring this collective ability and entrepreneurial flair together for clients, as and when they need it.

Outstanding talent, working together to support you and your team, at a lower cost than traditional consulting companies with a joined-up outcome focus, continuity, flexibility and quality assurance that traditional firms simply aren’t structured to provide.

This is what HiveMind clients tap in to.


The zero risk, zero cost way for enterprise members to join is as a social member. When you click the “join the network” button we ask a couple of questions and do some basic on-line checks to ensure you’re in the right place. Then we’ll quickly send you an email to introduce ourselves and guide you to the ‘courtyard’, which is a central hub-area suited to meeting a broad range of peers and experts whilst guiding your way to any relevant ‘Guilds’; our Communities of Excellence from which our members draw talent, insight and experience, (more on these below). The courtyard provides a safe and clean place meet and chat, connect and start to get to know relevant people. It’s not as ‘slick’ to use as linkedin but it doesn’t have the constant stream of self promotion and pictures of first day desks, award ceremonies and adverts.

This is all free and means other people can get to know you a bit better if you’d like.


As a social member you can search for experts, join our guilds (our communities of excellence),  join forum’s, ask questions, get answers, share requirements and attend events (physical and virtual). There’s a few simple rules and guidelines which are covered when you join.


There’s no recruitment agents or pushy sales people, just vetted, high quality experts and peers who share a set of common values.



Guilds are similar to a groups. We chose to use this 16th century term because we like the principle……

Guilds work as guardians and promoters of our knowledge, expertise, standards and shared collateral. They ensure clients and delivery experts can be confident in our commitment to quality and professionalism.​ In the guilds you’ll find knowledge specialised to certain areas. They aren’t really hierarchical but some guilds do naturally fall within a parent guild.

To join any guild a “guild champion” will review you’re profile to make sure it’s the right fit for you. We currently have four guilds. However, as the network grows our guilds will too! 

​  ​


Pathways help clients accelerate the delivery of key outcomes by drawing together the different skills and expertise from the different guilds.  As a HiveMind member you can quickly engage with pathway champions to help design, build and implement the portfolios, programmes and projects needed to deliver results.

Our most popular pathways include; IT Modernisation,  Contact Centre Optimisation,  Digital Transformation,  Customer Retention and Experience,  Unlocking Enterprise Agility and Accelerated Software Delivery.


Extending your influence

Validation decisions you need to make

Reduce time to decision and delivery times

Lower cost and risk of project or program delivery

Find exactly the help you need and have it just as long as you need it 

Successful Digital, IT and Customer focused professionals join the HiveMind Network because we help address key challenges, including; finding expertise fast, working around budget constraints, dealing with internal politics, optimising partner relationships and transitioning to digital.

We do this whilst along the way helping to influence and gain buy-in for your strategy and delivery approach.



It’s incredibly easy to discover if, where or how the HiveMind Network could help you and your team and there’s no risk or cost associated unless you decide you want that.

You can either just ‘Join the Network’ and be guided by our platform, or we can have a quick 5-10 min chat and one of our experts can advise you on the best way to get the most from the network in a way that’s taylored to you. Either way, it’s our focus to make it easy for you to get value from every interaction with us.

If you do speak with us we may well also invite you to relevant guilds which can shorten and simplify further the process of getting involve and quickly getting value from the network.

We love to help with challenges and solving problems. Give us a go. 

Get in touch with the team

​​If you’d like to find out more, please get in contact via the form or the contact details below: 

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