Over the last few years we’ve had, more or less, two types of independent consultant ask to become members of the network. The first group have been those who have already been providing their services to larger organisations. This means they’ve got their own limited company, a client base which they provide services to and have a solid reputation in what they do. They’re able to generate their own work and only very rarely do work through an intermediary and if they do, it’s through just a handful of personal and trusted relationships.

The second, smaller community have been people moving into the consulting or contracting role for the first time. They believe themselves to be highly skilled in what they do and have confidence in their ability to make a living as a freelancer. However, they’re less certain than the first group on how to get started. In many ways they join HiveMind so that we can help them better understand the freelance marketplace, provide a community which can provide back-up, advice and support, so they’re not just a “lone wolf”.

Whilst there are some obvious differences in how these groups can use the HiveMind Network, there is however a “core journey” that both are able to follow;


Members start out as a social member. When you click the “join the network” button we ask a few questions and do some basic on-line checks. We do reserve the right to say no at this point! Once you’re registered as a social member you’ll drop into the HiveMind “courtyard”when you log on. We call it the courtyard simple because it’s where everyone can meet and chat, connect and start to get each other. It’s clean and simple and doesn’t have the constant stream of self promotion and pictures of first day desks and award ceremonies found elsewhere.

This is all free and means other people can get to know you a bit better.


The courtyard is the central hub of activity. As a social member you can search for experts, join our guilds (our communities of excellence), join forum’s, post questions, answers and opportunities and attend events (physical and virtual). There’s a few simple rules and guidelines which are covered when you apply.


Guilds are similar to a groups. We chose to use this 16th century term because we like the principle……

Guilds work as guardians and promoters of our knowledge, expertise, standards and shared collateral. They ensure clients and delivery experts can be confident in our commitment to quality and professionalism.​ In the guilds you’ll find knowledge specialised to certain areas. They aren’t really hierarchical but some guilds do naturally fall within a parent guild.

To join any guild a “guild champion” will review you’re profile to make sure it’s the right fit for you. We currently have four guilds. However, as the network grows our guilds will too!


You have now got to know the network a little better and understand what we’re about. Some independents will want to become service providers and use the network commericially. You can apply to do this on the Hive. Either an existing HiveMind ‘Expert Practitioner’ can ‘Nominate’ you for consideration, or you can ‘Self-nominate’ and suppliment the process with client references.

Once you have applied,  to make sure we are delivering the best experts to clients and creating a network that is truly an expert network for you to trust and use, we will interview and follow up with references in addition to organising a phone call so we can get to know you, your skill base and experience a little more.


Dealing with constrained growth becasue of the challenges in getting additional skills quickly and effectively

Having spare capacity in your business which could be monetised

Getting business in enterprise clients 

Juggling the demands of delivery and sales

Building your trusted partner network takes valuable time and effort

As a member you are part of a trusted and hand picked community of world class expertise who share values similar to your own. Using the network platform you can connect with members from a variety of disciplines to extend the breadth and depth of services you offer to your existing clients.

When talking to larger clients you’re able to showcase that as a network member you’re part of a commercial model that delivers work to global organisations, and at the same time maintain your own brand and reputation safe in the knowledge that you maintain control of all of your client relationships.


You still want help winning work

You’re a high regarded small firm and yet still sometimes have to rely on recruitment agencies to fill the occassional gap.

How can you trust introducing another expert to your client?

You’ve invested time and energy in building a trusted relationship with your clients and you’re not going to jeopordise this. This is why we believe there is a two-step approach to ensure both yours and the networks reputation is protected.

All experts in the network have been nominated, interviewed and reference checked by other experts. Prior to introducting an expert to your client we expect you to interview and brief them on your clients needs and expectations. If your client isn’t happy with their performace, they don’t pay until they are.  

You never lose control of your client relationship as they’re tagged under you’re name in our platform and all delivery experts have agreed to respect other expert’s client relationshis as part of our terms.



Monetising your own employees down time

It would be great if we had a constant and smooth demand for our people. However as you know life’s not like that! Wouldn’t it be great if you could share this available capacity back into the network and generate additional revenue through short term engagements and assists. As a SME member we will help you to achieve just this.

We can help you create highly personalised campaigns built around your skills, services, desired working patterns and geographical locations, guiding and supporting you in building your client base.


To beat the biggest consultanting and resourcing firms means collaborating,

We passionately believe that some of the most highly skilled and entrepreneurial people work for smaller businesses. When the largest clients ask questions about your revenues, numbers of staff, and geographical reach, being part of the HiveMind Network enables you answer these questions with confidence.

We’re already proving this by winning work in global firms such as McDonalds, Belron and Halma

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