What clients have said about their engagements with us

"I’ve always been sceptical of the high cost and minimal value when using the traditional consultancies. HiveMind has changed my mind, and proven that high value can be achieved at minimal cost with their different way of working."

John Morea CEO, Scotia Gas Network

From the outset our goal was to build a global expert network able to support our clients from an initial idea or concept, right through to operation, and the realisation of benefits. 

So, what may start as a simple advisory call about market penetration and growth, could end up with a new marketing strategy, a change of working practices, new software and organisational changes and sophisticated business analytics.  Delivering this means calling upon a broad range of experience and capabilities.  The breadth and depth of the HiveMind Network means we can, if required, support you every step of the way

See below just a tiny fraction of work our experts have delivered, to help you gain an appreciation of the range and quality of work we’ve delivered.


Client stories from around the world

Glynn Timmins, Group CIO, Smurfitt Kappa

“I brought the HiveMind Network into Smurfit Kappa because I wanted to try a completely different approach to change and to energise a new way of working for our business.

Hivemind bring a different approach, and a different mindset than the traditional consulting firms.  Which means with only a small number of people they’re helping us achieve big change across SK.

If you only want to pay “lip-service” to digital transformation then don’t engage them.  If on the other hand you’re serious about shifting the way your business works then I’d not hesitate to involve them.”  

Graeme Nisbett, CIO, MBNA

“I engaged HiveMind to help me introduce agile working methods into the bank. They didn’t disappoint and from day one their combination of pragmatism, expertise and energy had a real and positive impact on everyone who got involved”.


Chief Digital Officer, Nick Burton, Belron/Autoglass

“We started using HiveMind over three years ago.  Their model is different, smart and engaging. 

We’ve used them for insight, consulting and resourcing in a diverse range of engagements from digital transformation through to our global IT strategy and the definition of a range of digital products and services

…I have no hesitation in recommending them”.

CEO, Scotia Gas, John Morea

“My engagement with HiveMind has been incredibly positive. Their openness, honesty and collaborative style made a really positive impact on the Digital Programme.”

Darwin Lee, Director of Development, ADP

“I brought the HiveMind Network into ADP to help me tackle an extremely challenging delivery issue.  The team that they created and integrated into the delivery group were outstanding. 

More than anything though it’s the honesty, integrity and commitment that sets HiveMind apart.   They’ll get to the core of the problem quickly and give you the honest answer on how to fix it.  

There’s no land and expand or consulting waffle just smart people doing the right thing…

I’d recommend them without hesitation”


Chief Innovation and Improvement Officer, Northern Gas, David Clark

“I engaged with HiveMind for the simple reason that they provided me with tier one talent without tier one prices. 

I don’t want to pay for fancy offices and overheads I just want the people who can roll up their sleeves and design and deliver change, at pace. 

No land and expand, no hidden agendas or politics. just talented, likeable people looking at how to help.  Brilliant.”


Karen, Head of Business Change, Leading Utility Company

“Delivering change in a Utility is hard, very hard, delivering it at pace is even harder.

Partnering with the HM Network has been a breath of fresh air.  It’s not just about the ability to call upon their expertise for delivery. It’s about being able to call up a deep subject matter expert – even just for a 30 minute chat to bounce ideas off – in a safe place.

I massively enjoy the blend of mentoring, coaching, consulting and delivery they offer and wouldn’t hesitate in recommending the network to others”

Chief Digital Officer, Steve Skelton Stockport Borough Council

“My engagement with HiveMind has been incredibly positive. Their openness, honesty and collaborative style made a really positive impact on the Digital Programme.”

Chief Operating Officer, Wejo, Steve Pimblett

“As a rapid, extremely agile and ultra high growth business I need a business partner that can readily support this pace of change and the demands it creates.

The Hive Network has, to date, exemplified  their commitment to Wejo demonstrating the ability to bring in world class expertise within 24 hours of the demand being identified, and to take accountability for great work.

The calibre of their people is outstanding and I’d not hesitate to recommend them”


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