How to begin & engage the expertise to solve your key business challenges 








Share the challenge(s) you’re facing and we’ll help you to refine their scope and clarity into a valuable artefact for your own use as well or for sharing with your trusted partners; in the strictest confidence of course. 

Build your challenge statement with us. Call on +44 (0) 208 1234 335 to get started.


Your anonymised challenge statement is shared with select experts with relevant skills and experience within our community to identify your best way forward. We’ll share with you their feedback along with their recommendations and offer you a call to discuss them in detail.

These discussions may lead you to refine your original challenge or indeed trigger a conversation with additional experts.   









Once you’ve had your initial conversation, if you’re interested in engaging further, we can provide you with a highly flexible proposal; wrapping our on-demand capabilities around your own skills and resources. We’ll can also provide options if you’d like to run a competitive bid approach across our expert community from multiple HiveMind members.

All engagements are covered by a single, clear and simple Master Agreement (MA) to ensure maximum flexibility for you and your team, in addition to providing maximum protection for all involved.








( 4 ) - REVIEW

You’ll receive proposal(s) options setting out how we’ll support you, whether this is through Insight and Advice, Coaching and Consulting, Smart Resourcing, Outcome Delivery or any blend of all of these.

If you’d like to proceed, then all that remains is to agree the optimal commercial model that best suits your needs. 








( 5 ) - ENGAGE

We’ve a range of commercial options associated with our four core services, be this subscription, time & materials, fixed price or a blend of all three.  

By the very nature of our business model and low overheads we’re usually 30% to 50%  lower cost than a conventional large scale consultancy.

You’ll see that our margins are fair and dynamically calculated based upon risk, urgency and scarcity of expertise.








( 6 ) - EXECUTE

Whether it’s a single expert practitioner providing you with insight via a video call,  a seasoned developer providing you with additional capacity, or a multidisciplinary and diverse team helping to design, build and implement new ways of working, our approach is the same.   Do the right job, be open, be committed and make a positive difference.

Our ultimate guarantee being, that our experts don’t receive payment until our clients are happy.

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