Joining as a Delivery Expert means…

...we can help you in a number of ways...

  • Win more interesting work quicker and easier than you can alone
  • Service more clients with more diverse needs
  • Earn from the work of others that you can trust
  • Have more confidence in advice you provide
  • Impress clients with speed and quality of your resources
  • Get free time back by sharing effort with others
  • Legitimately improve your profile and grow your network

Retaining Independence

As a member you’ll be part of a trusted and hand picked community of world class expertise who share values similar to your own. Using the network you can connect with members from a variety of disciplines and backgrounds to extend the breadth and depth of services you offer to your existing clients. 

When talking to larger clients you’re able to showcase that as a network member you’re part of a commercial model that delivers work to global organisations, and at the same time maintain your own brand and reputation safe in the knowledge that you maintain control of all of your client relationships

Practical, Valuable Services 

We support you and the development of your services and propositions through a number of highly valuable and practical internal services; actively marketing you externally as part of the HiveMind Network. Our commercial support is here to enable and amplify your business; leveraging the existing, trusted relationships of our entire network to ensure we’re always well positioned to support clients. 

Collaborative Sales & Marketing Campaigning

When HiveMinders come together to co-create services and products, we work to lead and support with their activities from development all the way through to campaigning and on to guiding and sharing delivery responsibilities and effort. From social and email based outbound message campaigns, to role-playing call and meeting sessions to perfect our approach and pitch, all the way through to taking care of legals and commercial paperwork. We provide the sales and marketing know-how, so you can focus on what you’re good at; delivering for and with clients.

Service Design and Value Proposition Design Support & Services

Join forces with like-minded members, using our tried and tested, Design Thinking based customer centric techniques and tools to create highly relevant services, propositions and campaigns. Together we uncover more opportunities to deliver more value to more clients that any one of us could on our own.

Professional Proposal Creation

Quickly provide clients and prospects with highly credible, immensely beautiful and professional proposals without the headache of doing it all yourself from scratch. Many hands make light work and we have a library of existing documents to work from, speeding up the process and improving the quality and credibility. We’ll also review commercials to ensure we’re writing business together that makes sense for everyone.

Direct Contact Jobs and Opportunities Board

Populated only with clients and other members like you, looking for your direct engagement support to solve problems and capitalise on opportunities for our shared clients and each other.

Profit Sharing Schemes

Collaborating with other members, you’re able to earn a share of profit from delivery through schemes designed to enable you to scale beyond your personal means, in a way that’s safe and highly valuable to clients too.

Framework Agreement Access

As a network it’s much easier to apply for and be accepted onto industry framework agreements than it is for traditional smaller businesses or individuals. As a HiveMind member, any framework agreements we have access to are yours too. Many hands make light work.

Assisted, Smart, Persona Driven Case Study Creation

We’ve spent hundreds of hours discussion with and researching the target personas of our desired, collective clients and we’ve built a market-leading system to enable members to capitalise on the insight this provides when creating case studies to help showcase their work. 

High Impact, Value Focused & Professionally Designed Personal Profile

We’ve worked hard and smart to create high impact, value-led profile templates which ensure you’re always presented in the very best light. We’ll lead you through the process of telling your very own story in a way that’s proven to be highly appealing to those looking to hire and engage external expertise. Your profile can then be as effective at selling you, as you are in your field. 

Access to a Library of Case Studies & Stories, written how they should be

Taking advantage of an industry leading format and process we help you to create succinct, STAR Stories to quickly and clearly show anyone how you can add value to their organisation. In addition, we share 100’s of these stories with each other to enable easy, example enabled creation as well as showing clients the vast depth and breath of experience we have as a network. This gives you the credibility and clients the confidence needed to maximise the chances of successful engagement.

Engagement as it should be; Frictionless

We’ve created a portfolio of services and engagement models that give clients exactly what they want from a partnership engagement, in addition to enabling you to easily manage a portfolio of clients without many of the administrative challenges and overheads. You can focus on engaging in the areas where you add maximum value and clients get just what they need, exactly when they need it. Win / win.

Social Media Trumpet

Collectively at the time of writing we estimate that our network has over a million first degree LinkedIn connections; possibly more in addition to Twitter followers and we have a presence on every major social platform. We come together to promote each other wherever possible through both connected and disparate processes. 

Events Platform

Running a free webinar and need to collect registration details? Or maybe it’s a paid for in-person event and you need to take payments? No problem. If you’re running events that are interesting and valuable to the network and our shared clients, then our platform is at your disposal.

Extended Professional Indemnity

As part of the requirements of being on some of the larger framework agreements we’re involved with, HiveMind covers our members for work delivered through our contracts for up to £5M in professional indemnity cover. We’ve paid the extra so that you don’t have to.

Helping clients when you’re busy 

You’ve invested time and energy in building a trusted relationship with your clients and you’re not going to jeopordise this. This is why we believe there is a two-step approach to ensure both yours and the networks reputation is protected. 

All experts in the network have been nominated, interviewed and reference checked by other experts. Prior to introducing an expert to your client we expect you to interview and brief them on your clients needs and expectations.

You always stay in control of your client relationships and all delivery experts have agreed to respect other expert’s client relationship as part of our terms.

Tackling bigger challenges

For many of our independent delivery experts, they enjoy being part of a team rather than being the “lone wolf”. Opportunities exist to work with both our SME and enterprise level members on more complex and multi faceted engagements. 

Whether it’s leading the pursuit for a piece of work that’s too big for you alone, with the help of a full team, right through the proposal, pitch and delivery process, or if it’s just pulling in a colleague or two when you need them.

Building real relationships

The network is all about building genuine relationships with people who you like and rate. We don’t want everything to be virtual, which is why we run multiple weekly virtual sessions and monthly face2face meet ups.
This gives us all a chance to actually meet other members and build real relationships.

Ready to get started?