The Joining Journey



To get started, we ask you to provide some details about yourself and your company.  We’ll take a look at your profile on LinkedIn and see if you’re connected to any existing HiveMind Members, (if so we may ask them about you). If you are you can accelerate your application by asking them to ‘Nominate you’. They will know what that means for them.

If you look like someone who may bring energy, intellect and enthusiasm to the network we’ll drop you an email asking you to provide a ‘values reference’. This gives us another opinion on whether or not you’re a good fit for our values and environment.



Once we’ve received your reference, should it align with expectations, we’ll schedule a call with you and another member to chat and again. If you are ‘Nominated’ by another member, you’ll skip straight to the call.

In this 2-way interview call we’ll look for an alignment of values, attitudes and behaviours. We’re not digging into your skills at this point, we’re leading with a values based approach. Typically calls last between 30 – 60 minutes. They’re a two way conversation where we expect you to be evaluating us, just as much as we’re evaluating you. The network requires the possibility of mutual to function.

If the call goes well you’ll be invited to join as a member for a probationary period. You’ll gain full access to our platform, TheHive, where you can build your profile, introduce yourself to others and start to get involved with other members and opportunities. We’ll then invite to induction and onboarding.



At the induction session we’ll walk through some of the basics of how HiveMind works in more practical terms.  We also ask you to introduce yourself to other new members and we’ll share how you can start to engage in some of our ‘groups’ to build out your services, offerings and regional connections. You’ll also be enrolled in our ‘Onboarding’ programme, giving access to material and videos to help get you up to speed quickly and we’ll generally try to involve you in our activities. Joining our regional groups and in-person Face2Face sessions is a great way to accelerate this process, in addition to being fun, pub based networking. It’s during these sessions and within our groups that you can start to build your reputation in your areas of expertise. 



Once your profile is complete and you start to establish your reputation in your areas of focus, you can start to apply for roles posted within TheHive. These are often opportunities which have been posted by other members just like you, so there’s often still some ‘sales process’ left, but it’s much more ‘internal’, trusted and expert driven that traditional channels.

When working with your own clients and seeing opportunity to help with input from other members, this is where you can leverage network expertise to improve your own reputation, support your clients more and make additional revenues from the delivery work of other members.


We will share with you a number of packaged services and delivery models which will fit with your desired style of working and client portfolio. Connecting you into marketing campaigns, existing client relationships and enabling your expansion of your own client base through the support of colleagues. The network will both broaden and amplify your own capabilities whilst accelerating your market growth efforts.


As  a HiveMind Delivery Expert member you can tap in to our global community for support, join Face2Face sessions near you, provide input into events you’d like to see run,  provide support to your own team and use the HiveMind social network to help shape the services and experiences we provide to you. It’s your network and we encourage your participation in shaping its future.

Ready to get started?