Member Services

Service & Value Proposition Design

Supporting delivery expert members in identifying, understanding and targeting the most appropriate types of client and contact to match their capabilities. We do this in conjunction with bringing members together to form collaborative offerings, providing more than they can alone. Being ‘more than the sum of our parts’. 

Portfolio Client Development

Our HiveExec service perfectly aligns individuals with appropriate skills and experience with a structured delivery model which capitalises on the power of the whole HiveMind Network for the benefit of them  and their clients. We equip members with everything they need to build a portfolio of exec-level clients to provide a varied month with minimised engagement risk.

Collaborative Campaigning

Members are brought together with the support of central network resources to plan, build and deliver collaborative marketing campaigns. We share insight, contacts and effort to uncover opportunities to work together, leveraging co-created services and value propositions. Uncovering opportunity is a lot easier and more effective when we work together.

Commercial Support

Support to vastly multiply your chances of converting contacts and conversation  into contracts. Our commercial support draws on the insight and experience of highly successful commercial experts to help qualify opportunities in, (or out) whilst giving you the necessary tools and  help to get your deal over the line. From light touch to having us do the lifting and everything inbetween.

Operational Delivery Support

Once the deal is won and you’re up to your ears in delivery, we’ll enable you to focus on what you’re best at and share the reigns where you need us to. We’re able to provide structure, capacity or both to client communications, scheduling and general account or relationship management. Whatever works for you and your clients, we’ll wrap around it. We’re all about customer experience and that includes yours.

Our Expert Zone, TheHive

A safe place to share problems and opportunities with other trusted, network members. TheHive provides an opportunity to freely grow your own network with experts from across the planet, who share your values and willingness to collaborate around internal and external needs. A place to manage your client engagements and find the best help, in areas you need it, just in time.

What some of our experts say.

Just a handful of comments from the experts who’ve been invited to join HiveMind.

Nicola Collister, Managing Director, Custerian (Customer Lead Transformation)

“Custerian joined HiveMind almost four years ago to help grow and develop our business.  HiveMind have provided us with the opportunity to build our business whilst at the same time help us keep down our people costs.
They’re also great fun to work with!”

Ian Carroll, Director, Solutioneers Consulting and Advisory

“I was one of the earliest experts to join HiveMind and have enjoyed watching this invitation only network grow through the quality and integrity of its people.   Good people attract good people and I believe this is true of HiveMind regardless of whether you’re a client or an expert practitioner. 
I like the model.  A lot.

Mark Dickinson, Director, Tuganet (Software Delivery)

“It’s HiveMind’s values that make the difference for me.  Doing the right thing for the right reasons seems obvious but it’s an increasingly rare trait in today’s business world.  HiveMind stay true to their values even in difficult circumstances, and this is what makes them a network I’m proud to represent”.

Matt Turner, Director, Hapus Consulting

“I’ve worked with HiveMind for over three years and during that time every single member I’ve met has embodied the values that I believe makes them special.
HiveMind have helped build my business and at the same time their model has provided me with access to a wealth of expertise and backup which in turn has helped my own clients success. They’re face to face meetups also allow you to get to know people properly”.

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