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Being CIO can be lonely

As a CIO, expectations constantly change as business realities shift and technology evolves.

It’s hard to talk to your direct reports or your boss about new ideas that aren’t fully formed, about insecurities and uncertainties, and about how to put priorities in the right order.

Enter HiveExec

A unique executive service

HiveExec pairs CIOs with experienced IT leaders who understand what you are going through. They’ve been there.

Our HiveExec partners help clients work through plans, test ideas, and discuss how to effectively overcome  obstacles.

HiveExec: Key Features

Individual Coaching

Meet with your advisor up to 8 hours a month to work through critical business issues, talk about technology, or explore your career path. 

Unique Resources

Weekly Top-Of-Mind e-mails keep you up to speed on industry developments, with webinars and deep dives on varying topics.


We bundle an initial subscription to HiveMind Answers so you or your team can reach out to HiveMind Network experts to quickly answer critical questions.

CIO Council

Help guide HiveMind Network on its product development process, including future HiveExec features.


Self-Assessments that help you understand your perception of organisational maturity for several technology-related topics like Hybrid Work and Innovation.

The goal of HiveExec is to help you

  • become a better leader
  • build a big picture perspective
  • reach a clearer view of yourself
  • improve your soft and hard skills
  • build healthier interpersonal relationships
  • enhance your existing strength

HiveMind backs its executive partners with a network of experience leaders. Every member, including our own executive team, regularly delivers value to our clients. Value that comes from the network, not just individuals.

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