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HiveExec provides personalised support to executives and their direct reports, helping to gain executive buy-in for your strategy and delivery approach. This is done by focusing with you in areas that make the biggest positive difference to your role strategically; whilst also supporting with tactical guidance where it’s valuable.

Examples often include;

  • Flipping budget challenges into opportunities.
  • Effectively and efficiently transitioning to digital, (building the right things, in the right way, at the right speed).
  • Repositioning poor partner relationships into win-win scenarios.
  • Navigating internal politics for the good of the business and the individuals. 
  • Enabling teams to quickly change shape and size whilst retaining knowledge and enhancing internal skills.

Your Executive Partner

We’ll pair you with a dedicated Executive Partner who has significant success and experience in roles and environments just like yours or those of your manager.

They use extensive skills and knowledge whilst facilitating input from our entire Network for your success; bringing to bear only the best ideas, processes and people, just when you need them.

You'll have access to

A critical, non-political ally,
advisor and sounding board

Board and executive stakeholder
engagement support

Reduced spend
on contractors

Practical assistance with
driving team performance

Coaching and mentoring
for you & your team

The ability to quickly find the
right expertise
, when you need it most

Access to practical experts who
have been there, seen it, and
done it well

An executive concierge to
leverage the team of experts
to deliver your projects

What's included?

One size does not fit all. We know that differing clients need differing service configurations to meet their specific needs. So with HiveExec you’re able to personally tune your service to meet your own requirements and your budget.

As a minimum, all HiveExec clients receive the following;

  • *1 Executive Partner Support days: On-site or remote, (your preference) personal support from your Executive Partner, for use on workshops, document reviews, coaching and mentoring, research, and expert calls
  • *2 Scheduled Yearly Partner Calls: Ongoing support from your Executive Partner
  • *3 Expert Enquiry Calls (Answers): As-needed telephone support from experts across our whole network
  • *4 Executive Events: Priority, (optionally included discounted) access to HiveMind exclusive events and networking
  • Priority access to delivery experts

Our Promise

We only work with the most capable, experienced and

likeable Executive Partners to deliver our HiveExec Service.


We’re also really transparent about our costs. HiveExec offers transformative results for often only half the price of equivalent services from our industry peers.


Configure Your Service

Executive Partner Support Days / Year*1

Expert Partner Scheduled Yearly Calls*2

Enquiries ‘Answer Pack’ *3

Executive Events / Networking / Year*4

Total: £11,392

*1 – 4 Link to details for options

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