Helping People that Care, Deliver Change that Matters

Frictionless portfolio engagements, powered by a revolutionary Network Model; enabled by a revolutionary Network Platform

We want to hear from you, if  you believe there’s a better way to provide expertise in today’s fast changing world. We’re committed to creating a mutually beneficial, global professional services network. One which provides a fresh, exciting and highly attractive alternative to the old school consulting firms, system integrators and interim firms, because outstanding people are outstanding people regardless of how they’re labelled.


As a HiveMind member you’ll be part of a trusted and hand picked community of world class experts who share values similar to your own. Using the network you can connect with members from a variety of disciplines and backgrounds to extend the breadth and depth of services you offer to your existing clients too.

When talking to larger clients you’re able to showcase how you’re part of a commercial model that delivers work to global organisations, and at the same time maintain your own brand and reputation safe in the knowledge that you control of all of your client relationships



Matt Turner, Executive Partner

“I joined HiveMind to work alongside a number of other HM experts to help Northern Gas Network on its Enterprise Agility journey. 

I’ve stayed in the network since then due to the quality of people and the opportunities to work on additional engagements”

Mark Dickinson

“I first worked as part of the Hivemind network almost five years ago..

When I joined them as an expert practitioner the model was “ahead of its time”.  As we enter a different type of world “post Covid 19″ HiveMind shows for me how the future of work for professional services will be”

Anja Kluver

“I’ve worked with HiveMind for almost 18 months, typically around the areas of innovation, customer experience and service design.

Being part of the network has enabled me to provide an additional reach to my own companies capabilities”

Adrian Wakefield

“I joined HiveMind just over six months ago to help develop the Organisational Agility & Effectiveness community, and since then have enjoyed working with other HM colleagues on developing a target operating model for a global company.

Good people, good model with great potential”


We support you and the development of your services and propositions through a number of highly valuable and practical internal services; actively marketing you externally as a trusted expert and partner within the HiveMind Network. Our commercial support is here to enable and amplify business; leveraging the existing, trusted relationships of our entire network to ensure you’re always well positioned to support clients.

Help your clients, when you're busy

You’ve invested time and energy in building a trusted relationship with your clients and you’re not going to jeopordise this. This is why we believe there is a two-step approach to ensure both yours and the networks reputation is protected.

All experts in the network have been nominated or referenced and personally interviewed by other experts. Prior to you introducing any HiveMind colleague to your client, we expect you to interview and brief them on your clients needs and expectations. 

You always stay in control of your client relationships and all delivery experts have agreed to respect other expert’s client relationship as part of our terms

Tackling bigger challenges

For many of our independent delivery experts, they enjoy being part of a team rather than being the “lone wolf”.

Opportunities exist to work with both our SME and enterprise level members on more complex and multifaceted engagements.

Whether it’s leading the pursuit for a piece of work that’s too big for you alone, with the help of a full team, right through the proposal, pitch and delivery process, or if it’s just pulling in a colleague or two when you need them

Building real relationships

The network is all about building genuine professional relationships with people who you like and rate.

We don’t want everything to be virtual, although at the minute there’s not much choice.  In more normal times  we run multiple weekly virtual sessions and monthly face2face meetups.

This gives us all a chance to actually meet other members and start to get to know one another.


Profit Sharing

As a member of the HiveMind Network you will be eligible to participate in our profit sharing scheme, which means;

  • Product/Service sales commission
  • Engagement revenue share


Access to new opportunities

Available to our expert practitioners is the jobs and opportunities board where members can;

  • Seek help from other experts to support your business
  • Provide services in response to HiveMind client requirements
  • Offer other members your skill sets and services



Go to Market Collaboration

We provide the sales and marketing know-how so you can focus on what you’re good at, this includes;

  • Online assessment tools & case studies
  • Access to government frameworks
  • Social and email marketing campaigns
  • Proposal co-creation 
  • Commercial & negotiation support


Product & Service Design

Build out your own unique Product and Service offerings and promote them via our client facing “AnswerStore”.  Key service elements include;

  • Value proposition development
  • Market testing
  • Product/Service promotion


Extended Indemnity Insurance

Becoming a member means you’re carrying £10m Indemnity Insurance in addition to your own.  This helps when you’re setting out to win larger, more complex engagements. 

Member communities & toolsets

As a member of HiveMind you’ve access to multiple communities and a variety of supporting tools to help you develop and run your business,  these include;

  • Sales support tools
  • Special interest groups
  • Profile Management
  • Events (virtual and real!)



Survey after survey has shown that organisations are having to re-invent themselves to survive and prosper in a digital world.

Clients needs and expectations around engaging external experts are shifting, and many of the early disruptors in this space now take significant market share from conventional consultancies and system integrators. 

HiveMind has evolved the thinking from these early marketplaces to bring the benefits of a next generation of professional services network to our clients and expert partners. Enabling expert collaboration and competition to co-exist for the benefit of our clients and experts alike.  Moving beyond the simple marketplace and enabling us as an integrated collective to provide a fresh, modern and exciting alternative to the old school consulting and integrator models.

As a member you’re part of a powerful professional services and consulting alliance which amplifies your own companies ability to win work, deepen and strengthen your client relationships and at the same time tackle complex and larger challenges.

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