Our story, Our why?

We firmly believe that PURPOSE driven, truly agile, customer focused organisations will soon dominate the business landscape. HiveMind is pioneering a new generation of thinking and working in this way.

We built HiveMind by putting people first; both within our organisation and within our clients.


The underlying purpose which drove the creation of HiveMind and underpins all we do, is to bring together people who are amazing to work with and are great to be around. Much more likely to align, they can then help build better, more sustainable, agile and innovative businesses; putting satisfaction and enjoyment for people first.

Why HiveMind Exists

The needs of large businesses and those that work within them have changed more in the last 15 years than in the preceding 100 years. Traditional consulting models are no longer able to provide both their experts and their clients with what they both need to succeed; business value, job satisfaction, personal fulfilment and the flexibility expected in the 2020's.

What is HiveMind

HiveMind is an on-demand business and technology consulting network, bringing together clients and outstanding experts who share a passion and drive to make sustainable, positive change. HiveMind provides all of the benefits of independent working, combined with all of the benefits and security of being part of something broader, deeper and geographically diverse.

How we do it

We bring together the very best independent and entrepreneurial specialists in the fields of business, technology and design; supported by a business model and enabling platform which helps grow and amplify our abilities. Adding a frictionless and revolutionary engagement model, we make doing business with us easy and enjoyable.

Our clients access our capabilities by simply drawing on them as needed when bridging skills or capacity gaps, or through more sophisticated mechanisms such as shared focus multi-disciplinary teams to deliver outcomes aligned to the themes below.

What capabilities do we bring together to drive change?

  • Information security and cyber security
  • Big data / Data science
  • People & Change (people management, digital skills)
  • Business and Digital transformation
  • Agile and DevOps (includes Software Engineering)
  • Industry 4.0 (IoT,RPA,AI/ML)

How clients       work with us

Insight and Advisory

Our network of globally recognised experts offer a range of insightful experiences. Whether an advisory conversation with an industry expert, a mentoring relationship, an executive partnership, or one of our guided coaching products, Insight and Advisory engagements support clients with the advice they need, exactly when they need it.


Action-focused consulting from world class experts, we deliver high quality, informed, innovative and targeted consulting to help solve problems and deliver outcomes. Our philosophy is to work alongside client teams, sharing our expertise and knowledge to help co-create pragmatic and cost effective solutions, which we can then implement through our "fusion" delivery teams.

Fusion Teams / Flex

Cutting across experience level and discipline, Fusion delivers outcomes under client guidance in the industry's most flexible commercial engagement model. Offering delivery experts the ability, opportunity and flexibility to work across multiple clients simultaneously, Fusion provides maximum personal development opportunity for experts combined with high impact, rapid results without compromise for clients.