Delivering positive, sustainable change in a volatile and uncertain world

Helping businesses that care, deliver change that matters, through our next generation “expertise on demand” capability and enabling platform

We provide a new, innovative and affordable alternative to the conventional ways of engaging with top calibre, joined-up business, technology and design expertise; helping organisations to thrive in a volatile, uncertain, complex and ambiguous (VUCA) world.

Just some of our clients

– We’re trusted by and WORK WITH multiple sectors –

We’ve helped global companies develop and implement critical digital strategies, national charities to change the way they work, tech companies to build out new products and services, utilities to become agile, and startups to scale.

With experts across five continents, we combine global expertise and local knowledge to help you design, build and implement change; making a sustainable, positive difference for your customers, employees and stakeholders.

Advanced Electronics
Capital Projects & Infrastructure

Consumer Packaged Goods
Energy Distribution
Financial Services
Higher Education
High Tech
Media & Entertainment

Metals & Mining
Oil & Gas
Paper & Forest Products
Pharmaceuticals & Medical
Private Equity
Public Sector

Social Sector
Travel, Transport & Logistics


John Morea, CEO, Scotia Gas Network

“I’ve always been very sceptical of the high cost and minimal value delivered when engaging with traditional consultancies.

I’m delighted to say that HiveMind changed my mind, demonstrating that with their model,  high value can be achieved at minimal cost, helping both our Customer Experience team and IT Transformation Programme…”

Glynn Timmins, Group IT Director, Smurfit Kappa

“We use HiveMind because of the depth and breadth of their expertise, the value for money they offer and their guarantees on quality.  We also wanted to test some alternatives to the large scale consultancies.

We get to work with outstanding people, with services and solutions that deliver great results time and again…”

Nick Burton, Group CDO, Autoglass (Belron)

“HiveMind has supported Belron in several areas including customer experience, digital strategy, and innovation to name just a few. 

Their model keeps costs down, and not at the expense of quality, I’ve no hesitation in recommending them…”

*Please note that Nick is now Digital CIO at Avon Cosmetics

Angus Hearmon, Head of Research IT

“We recently chose HiveMind to help develop our Benefits Management capability in the University. They were selected after competing and winning against a number of well know consulting firms.

They won because of the depth of expertise demonstrated and exceptional value for money.  Their work to date has been exemplary…”


Our core purpose is to help build smarter, more sustainable, agile, people focused and innovative businesses around the world. How? By bringing together people with the passion, energy and ability to deliver positive change.
In today's complex, challenging and fast moving world, delivering change is a multi-disciplinary team effort. It's software, marketing, finance, people, operations, and more. All aligned to a clear direction and purpose.  This is what we do...

BY COMBINING world class advice, consulting, coaching and delivery

Please note that during the Covid-19 pandemic our collaborative, remote working approach has enabled us to carry on supporting our clients and expert members, with minimal disruption.


Advice, Assurance & Support

Call upon expert practitioners for independent, practical advice, insight, coaching and support, based on real life experiences and delivery.  Talk to peers who've  been on similar journeys.  

Focused, High Impact Consulting

Tier one consulting from world class experts. No land and expand, no on-the-job-learning, no sky high rates, simply high quality, informed, innovative and targeted consulting to help solve your most pressing challenges.

Accelerated Outcome Delivery

Engage HiveMind for outcome driven engagements with skilled multi-disciplinary teams to deliver new business capabilities, products and services that drive customer engagement, operational excellence and growth

 KEY Areas of focus

While each of the following areas obviously has intrinsic value to your organisation, it's when all six are working in harmony that great, people centric organisations emerge. With our integrated professional services network we're helping clients in businesses of all shapes and sizes make this a reality.

Purpose to Portfolio

Co-create and communicate to your employees, customers and partners a clear, compelling, innovative and purpose driven vision and strategy. Something which they want to engage with; that becomes a key reference point when customers choose who to buy from, and for employees with choices, where to work.

Make it your "North Star", then shape and dynamically manage the portfolio and communications to deliver it.

Organisational Agility & Effectiveness

Create and sustain a culture, environment, operating model, smart governance and supplier ecosystem that fosters innovation, experimentation, adaptivity and agility.  

Become a business that can quickly sense change, and re-configure in hours, days and weeks not months, quarters and years. 

Accelerated Solution Delivery

Design, build and market compelling and differentiating products and services that deliver outstanding customer and colleague experiences underpinned by new or enhanced business capabilities, and do it at speed.

Shape, design and deliver your key initiatives ahead of the competition, whether it's a program, project or through continuous delivery.



BI & Analytics

Capture, enrich, analyse and unlock the knowledge and insight in your data to make informed, responsive decisions and actions. 

Recognise that making this a reality isn't only a technical journey, it's as much a journey about decision making behaviours, culture and distribution of power. Invest in training your people. Ensure that you have the right data-governance strategies in place, to help build trust in the quality of the data and the insight it can bring.

Process Effectiveness & Automation

Bring together process improvement techniques such as lean and systems thinking alongside RPA & Machine learning technologies to drive down costs and improve organisational efficiency.

This enables you to move beyond RPA implementations of the “as-is” process. Which may achieve small savings, but miss the opportunity to radically improve on process outcomes, quality, costs, and cycle times.



Digital Enablement

Modernise and optimise your IT Architectures, ways of working and partner ecosystem to provide the digital foundations upon which new, innovative  products, services and capabilities can be delivered.

Make sure that your information and technology capability is seen as an engine not an anchor. For many IT functions this is reframing IT as the key enabler of digital initiatives across the whole organisation. Move from a cost centre mindset to a bottom line contributor.



To help harness the collective knowledge, experience, ingenuity and insight of around 2000 experts from multiple disciplines, and to make that expertise readily available to our clients we developed “The Answer Store”.

For our client members it means being able to analyse and deconstruct your challenges,  then find and draw upon the expertise, tools, insight and services needed to address them in the most cost effective, transparent and efficient way possible.

For our expert members it enables them to collaborate on developing, sharing  and delivering new and extended services to address their clients needs, to both strengthen and deepen existing relationships and develop new ones as part of a global expert alliance sharing insight, collateral, risk and rewards.


We use Simon Sinek’s “Golden Circle” model as a way of sharing the why, how and what of HiveMind. We firmly believe that PURPOSE driven truly agile and customer focused organisations will dominate the business landscape in the coming years. HiveMind is one of those organisations pioneering this new generation of thinking and working.

To learn more about the golden circle approach it’s worth taking a look at his TED talk


The underlying purpose which lead us to create HiveMind was to help build better, more sustainable, agile and innovative businesses putting people first.


By creating a global professional services network, bringing together the very best independent and entrepreneurial specialists in the fields of business, technology and design, supported by a business model and enabling platform which helps grow their own business and reputation as expert members of an exceptional expert alliance.


Providing outstanding business, technology and design services that enable our clients to deliver sustainable and positive change in a volatile, uncertain, complex, ambiguous (VUCA) world. 


  • Challenge conventional thinking,
  • Earn respect through knowledge not hierarchy,
  • Do things we love doing first and foremost,
  • Demonstrate generosity of spirit in all that we do,
  • Demonstrate deep subject matter expertise combined with humility,
  • Act with fairness, decency and reciprocity towards one another,
  • Recognise & continually seek to demonstrate that we’re stronger together.



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