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HiveMind Resourcing is part of the award winning expert consulting network that helps clients build high performance teams

On-demand expertise

Our on-demand expertise model taps in to our world leading, values driven network of exceptional interims, coaches, contractors, analysts and consultants, with the same focus on quality that our consulting clients enjoy, while allowing clients to retain 100% ownership of their initiatives and their deliverables.

Through our on-demand 'People from' model, clients still retain much of the flexibility and leading expert access of the traditional HiveMind model, but with the cost efficiency expected when they own the risk of leading their own deadlines, deliverables and outcomes.

The HiveMind difference

At HiveMind, we're known for providing the highest levels of service management through our consulting engagements. Now, we're bringing the same pro-active, quality measured service levels to a new model of resourcing; a model where we measure our success on the service levels we achieve; not just on how much we make.

What does this mean in reality? Simply put, we reward our people based on client and expert satisfaction and success scores and not just on account revenue. So we're laser focused on achieving the highest levels of service and client satisfaction.

A new era is coming, soon!

We're in the final stages of building out our people, processes and systems to deliver this new, game changing service, which we expect to launch with select new clients through the summer of 2024.

If you're working within an enterprise sized organisation and think this service could work for you, please register your interest below.