For me, it’s to love work. For others, it’s because no one else was…


This was how the conversation started which lead to the setting up the HiveMind Network. A bunch of the founding members were having a drink and complaining about how the big consultancies, integrators and advisory firm hadn’t really changed in thirty to forty years. Despite the fact that they’re constantly telling their clients to “digitally disrupt“.


So what if we could build a network of the best people we’ve worked with in our careers. The people who we personally remember for their knowledge, passion, ability and like-ability. If we bring such people together first and foremost for their values from a pool of experts who are at the top of their game, we’d have the delivery spectrum covered from analysis and research right through consulting to contracting and interim work, enabling us to work right from concepts through to results; or from ideas to life.


If we then take this broad and deep network and bind it together through adaptive structures, processes and information to client journeys and desired outcomes, we can provide world-leading services. To then take out the overheads, fancy offices, the fixed cost base of 1000s of consultants to get chargeable hours in a model which drives a land and expand mentality, we can offer these world-leading services at a fraction of the traditional costs.


We felt strongly that people joining the network, whether as a potential client or expert (or both) should know what we stood for,  what we believe in if you like.  We started out with “no as******” but decided to expand on this a bit.  So we came up with 8 core values which have remained true to this day. When doing something we believe that any member should be able to mentally check “is this in line with what we believe….” – if not.  Don’t do it.


The last few years have seen the emergence of many freelancer and consulting “platforms” where clients can post projects and consultants bid to deliver them. For smaller engagements these platforms work fine. However we knew that for many larger enterprise organisations consistency and quality of approach is really important, so we knew we’d needed to build a model with an “open library” of best practice approaches. Meaning that if you called upon an expert in Manchester UK or Manchester Australia for a similar engagement that there would be a level of consistency.


From the outset we wanted to create a model that recognised and rewarded the effort and time investment our service providers, (the accredited experts) were putting into building the network. So we built a member ranking model which recognises the contribution of members for all that they do in alignment with our values. Now we’re able to reward those members who demonstrate behaviours the most in line with our values.


Because of the backgrounds of the founding members we started by inviting those people we knew, trusted, rated and liked first. This meant they came from a variety of different backgrounds; management consultancies, technology firms, marketing organisations, legal firms, learning and education, etc. Which felt and still feels right. Modern business is complex and solving business challenges can require a whole raft of different skills and experiences. If the only tool you have is a hammer, every problem’s a nail?


​The HiveMind Network continues to evolve and each and every day we learn more about what our members want from the network. We believe that knowledge networks like HiveMind are going to be a key component in running a successful business in the future and we hope you’d like to join us on this journey!


A community which can offer a fresh, exciting, highly affordable and effective alternative to traditional consulting and resourcing firms. A community which helps small firms and independent specialists to work together and deliver greater value than they can on their own. ​Where experts can through active participation and contribution own their own place in HiveMind.

​It’s not for everyone, but then again, we don’t want everyone!  ​We want great people with the right values and drivers.

We’re constantly evolving, being guided by our clients and experts to enhance and refine how we create value. We’re on an exciting journey and we hope that if you’re reading this, it’s one you’d like to help shape!

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