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Expert Practitioners in a Digital World
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We Are
HiveMind is A New Generation Professional Services Organisation

We are an adaptive, integrated network of trusted business and technology experts, flexibly engaging with clients to deliver change at pace in a digitally inter-connected world through on-demand discovery, design and delivery capabilities.

The business and technology professionals who form our trusted network of members, our Expert Practitioners, collaborate for the success of the network as a whole and in so doing the successes of their own businesses and clients.

HiveMind provides business and technology professionals with the credibility and resources of a large organisation, whilst maintaining the freedom and flexibility of being in charge of their own business and growing their revenues and personal brand.

Our Constitution defines the Values, Principles and Policies within which we operate. These are fundamental to the success of a global network, enabling as it does adaptive, self governing behaviour.

We ask each and every one of our Expert Practitioners to read our constitution and then formally sign up to its values.

Insight to Solve Your Problems and Resources to Execute on Your Plans.

What We Do
We provide the Business and Technology Insight and Expertise to Help Clients Adapt and Prosper in a Connected World

We provide the insight and expertise to help you solve your problem and execute on your plans. What sets us apart from others is that we don’t have a static network of ‘experts’. Instead, our network operates as a true network should, adapting and responding to the needs of our clients and members, which in combination with our unique model of network ownership also ensures that the entire network can be called upon to support any single member, something we’re extremely proud of.

The traditional business models of research, consulting and resourcing are struggling to adapt to the opportunities afforded in the new ‘digital’ economy. Yet the need for business leaders and executives to have access to expertise, insight and experience to innovate and optimise their business capabilities has never been greater.

Once you connect with us, we rapidly identify how we can deliver the most valuable insight and expertise to support you in your specific challenges and connect you to the right Expert Practitioners to deliver your outcome.

Insight & Expertise to Help Clients Adapt & Prosper in a Digital World.

Changing the way we do business

The speed and agility of modern business enabled by technology requires that organisations can sense and adapt to a changing external environment far faster than they needed to only a few years ago.  We’re now entering a new phase which many industry observers refer to as “Digitalization”.  A phase where technologies such as mobility, cloud, social media, ‘the internet  of everything’ and big data will further increase the pace of modern business. This requires that companies uncover new ways to find, engage and retain customers, suppliers and intermediaries whilst continuing to drive further efficiencies in operational excellence and augmenting their products and services with information and technology.

The Networked Organisation: A smarter type of business model is emerging better able to respond to a new digitally connected world. An adaptive network which can sense and respond to clients’ needs far more efficiently and effectively than a traditional monolithic corporate.

HiveMind is just such a networked business: Designed to enable Business and Technology contract professionals to collaborate and grow their businesses through the provision of targeted Discovery, Design and Delivery Capabilities for their and our mutual clients, whilst benefiting from the efforts of a focused commercial organisation to uncover, nurture and grow new opportunities for the entire network.

Companies must uncover new ways to find, engage and retain customers, suppliers and intermediaries…
Changing At Pace
Facilitating highly agile, adaptive, reduced risk change
Changing At Pace‘ refers to a developing HiveMind multi-layer change framework known as ‘Business Capability Pace Layering‘. Essentially, various elements of a business operate and facilitate change with structure, governance and at a pace relevant to their required and accepted levels of innovation, differentiation and risk. This way the different elements of a business have more independently appropriate operation and change controls rather than forcing one size to fit all.

house-pace-layer-transPace Layering within business and technology is becoming well established, having been originally derived from the work of architect Frank Duffy in the 1970’s with Shearing Layers. This was built upon by Stuart Brand in the 1990’s where the term ‘Pace Layering’ was coined. Inspired by this thinking, technology research firm Gartner created a model they refer to as Application PACE layering ™ which suggests consideration of an organisation’s applications.

HiveMind’s ‘Business Capability Pace Layering’ progresses this thinking once again to align with business capabilities, (down into People, Processes, IT Systems, Structure and Information). This provides a broader, business focused mechanism which matches varying levels of governance and pace of change to the relevant levels of risk, differentiation and innovation appropriate and required from businesses to facilitate highly agile, adaptive reduced risk change.

Because of the different rates of change of its components, a building is always tearing itself apart…  
Stuart Brand
Expertise as a Service
To prosper in a digital age means continuously challenging your business model, questioning whether you’ve the optimum BUSINESS CAPABILITIES to deliver the outcomes your organisation needs, looking at how you can INNOVATE, ADAPT and IMPROVE these capabilities, and doing all this whilst keeping your businesses competitive and running effectively!


Our Expert Practitioners and Micro-firms work with you to DELIVER YOUR BUSINESS OUTCOMES.  By providing the targeted  INSIGHT, CONSULTING AND RESOURCING capabilities, when and where you need them in a highly flexible, scalable and affordable fashion.

HiveMind: Clear, Cohesive and Meaningful

Deliverables & Value
What you get
Business leaders seek timely, high quality advice and resources to help them gain INSIGHT and then EXECUTE on their key business initiatives.

It’s no longer viable, cost effective or indeed desirable for a single supplier to maintain and grow the diverse skill sets to deliver results across such a complex business and technology landscape.

However, many companies still wish to have the comfort and security of knowing that they can access the methods, frameworks and consistency of service of the large firms but without the attendant bureaucracy, costs and inflexibility: It is in this space that The HiveMind Network model can thrive.

HiveMind provides a managed service to clients where input and activity is focused around delivering value aligned to client business goals, vision & culture. The service is essentially built upon as-needed access to a number of deliverables including;

  • Calls/Skype/Facetime with leading experts as and when needed
  • On-Site expert coaching, strategy and workshop sessions
  • Access to on-line research and reports
  • On-Site consulting engagements
  • Theme and Industry focused Events
  • On-Line and electronic tool kits and templates
  • Provision of temporary Contract Staff for task execution/delivery
  • Provision of interim Staff
  • Expert hosted webinars and videos
  • Location of suitable permanent staff

The HiveMind Network believes that named subscription based access to such services are a thing of the past. We focus our efforts around those who need support, as and when need it.

Although research and online tools form a significant part of service delivery, these will be provided freely to anyone, client or not under a creative commons license. This allows and facilitates ongoing resource development, (i.e. crowd source based improvements and full market collaborative contribution) in addition to operating as an excellent network growth tool, spreading the work and HiveMind brand.

Truly Flexible, Focused, Business & Technology Capability On Demand

How we do it
By understanding and developing deep subject matter expertise and delivering it via an ‘On Demand’ service

To ensure that our clients can readily call upon the capabilities they need to drive their business forward we do FIVE key things.

  1. We use a flexible and powerful business driven taxonomy to enable our Expert Practitioners to categorise their focus and expertise and for clients to find them quickly and simply.
  2. We apply an Expert Practitioner evaluation and grading model which combines peer reviews and certified client feedback to establish a fair and accurate expertise grading of all of our Expert Practitioners.
  3. We provide a flexible engagement model that enables clients to call upon our insight and expertise in the way that suits them.
  4. We follow an open source philosophy of sharing for free our knowledge base.
  5. We underpin the entire HiveMind Network with a business model that shares risks, rewards and encourages collaboration for the benefit of all clients and Expert Practitioners.
Connect, Communicate, Collaborate


Imagine a deeply supportive, global community made up of the best people you’ve ever worked with during your career. The people you still remember today even if you’ve not worked with them for years.  These are the sort of people that are joining and powering the HiveMind Global Network.

Why we place Business Capabilities and Outcomes at the heart of all of our services…

A Business Capability is WHAT your business does to create value, so for example at the highest level it could be CUSTOMER ENGAGEMENT,  ASSET MANAGEMENT,  TECHNOLOGY DELIVERY, EMPLOYEE RETENTION.

Using this approach reduces the silo mindset which can so often hamper progress.  By creating multi-disciplinary teams working together to innovate, adapt and improve the key BUSINESS CAPABILITIES, and as a consequence deliver the BUSINESS OUTCOMES the organisation needs.

Click here to see how we apply this to our own business.

Insight, Advice, Consulting & Delivery Professionals...

How We Engage
Our flexible relationships
HiveMind-Engagement-for-Dummies_WEBWe provide a blended service consisting of access to insight, advice, consulting and delivery focused business and technology resources and individuals working in virtual teams to help define, refine and enhance capabilities and focus for clients. Regardless of requirement specifics, established client relationships are based on the purchase of ‘Network Units‘, (our highly flexible businesses resource currency) and their consumption on an as-needed basis, with each resource consuming Network Units at pre-set, highly competitive rates.

For example, a client purchases £x,000 of Network Units for design or delivery services with a particular initiative. Then anyone within the client company, (with pre-agreed authority) can call off any resource necessary, consuming the Network Units as needed. Consumption of Network Units is tracked and visible at all times through our website and any and all relevant HiveMind resources are available to anyone with authority, as needed.

No subscriptions, no named license holders, no sky high day rates, no lock-in to specific contractors; just complete flexibility of access to the best Discovery, Design and Delivery Capability and resources On Demand.

The problem is that when the world changes (and it is changing faster than ever) being good at yesterday’s business isn’t just useless, it’s a liability 
Seth Godin
HiveMind Constitution
HiveMind’s Purpose

HiveMind’s purpose is to find, channel and reward the experience, intellect, ability, passion and creativity of the smartest business and technology experts from around the globe, and in so doing help our clients and each other to prosper in the modern digitally connected world of technology enabled business.

The HiveMind Vision
To grow and sustain a global networked business and brand that is synonymous with agility, quality, value and integrity in the provision of business and technology insight and execution capabilities.

HiveMind Principles & Vaules
These principles and their implied values are core and critical to everything HiveMind does. HiveMind founders believe that truly successful organisations are powered by shared principles and values. We therefore ask that all ‘Expert Practitioners’, (the contracted professionals who form our network) sign up to, and live by them. These principles bind the HiveMind network together and against which all decisions and acts will be judged.

The HiveMind Brand

The HiveMind brand aims to be clear, cohesive and meaningful. It is a manifestation of our purpose, our vision and our principles. We aspire for the HiveMind logo to be seen as a badge of quality and integrity that our Expert Practitioners will be proud to be associated with. It is intended that they will use the logo in combination to their own to declare they are part of a global, high performance trusted group of experts. With this in mind our logo seeks to provide a conceptual picture of how together our network members and clients can share and in so doing become greater than the sum of our parts.

Whilst the HiveMind brand speaks of excellence and integrity, it also aims to position itself as not traditionally corporate, reflecting our shared belief that in a modern, connected and agile world, traditional corporate behaviours are increasingly anachronistic.

We aim to work with those who are open to trying new ideas or ways of working and thinking. Many businesses are now being encouraged to look at niche consulting firms, using SME’s and questioning the value of their traditional corporate suppliers. HiveMind has something significant to add here.

HiveMind: Clear, Cohesive and Meaningful