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HiveMind Network brings together a community of the world’s leading change, design and tech independent experts

A trusted community of independent experts

Uniting the top minds across diverse specialisms and industries to build a trusted community, connected by our shared values and mission.

Our experts represent the leading change, design and tech expertise, ready to contribute their perspectives and cutting-edge knowledge to client delivery. With a more flexible model to consulting, our network is championed by independent experts who want to work differently.

A different way
Doers and innovators

Doers and innovators

Our experts have hands-on experience. They're seasoned executives from established corporations, dynamic entrepreneurs disrupting industries, and top minds at the forefront of their fields.

Flexible approach

Flexible approach

Our flexible network model means that we can build fusion teams that work for our clients. Blending client skill sets and capabilities, alongside our own, to deliver bespoke services and results.

Diverse experience

Diverse experience

Our network is a community of backgrounds, perspectives, and expertise. Which means, when we unite our experts, we’re able to deliver fresh solutions that solve even the hardest of problems.

A growing network

HiveMind Network is a growing community, but one of our core principles is to never sacrifice the quality of
expertise. This means that we make sure all our experts have the skills and experience they need to deliver the
quality of work we promise to our clients.

2500 +

independent experts from across the UK and Europe


client engagements across Europe

15 +

languages spoken across the network

Experts at a glance

Mary Jarrett

Transformation Leader & Speaker

Former CIO, an EMCC accredited, trusted leadership, career & business coach. Mary has 30 years’ of diverse, international leadership experience. She is an accomplished public speaker and has delivered a TEDx talk titled “Becoming Successfully Shy”. Mary works with leaders at all levels from C-suite to emerging talent.

Attul Sehgal

Digital Transformation Advisor

Attul is a seasoned executive with over 25 years experience in digital product and propositions development. Attul has worked with numerous blue-chip companies, including Sumitomo, T-Mobile and BT. He specialises in auditing of assets, building intellectual capital, empowerment-focused training.

Jemma Davis

Security Culture and Awareness Specialist

Expert in cyber and information security awareness, behaviour change activities inline with regulatory requirements such as ISO 27001, UK GDPR, PCI DSS, Cyber Essential Plus, NIST and GovS007. Cyber Woman of the Year 2023 and Most Inspiring Women in Cyber 2024 finalist.

Matthew Jolliffe

CTO and IT Leader

Delivers IT strategy transformation, architecture and digital product advisory. Matthew has 30 plus years of experience with an extensive backgrounds across diverse organisations including Oracle Corporation, DXC, Envirtual and many more. Matthew has shaped solutions for and overseen delivery of a wide range of digital & technology initiatives

Matt Turner

Lean Agile Expert

Supports organisations in adopting, adapting and coaching lean agile practices. Matt has over 25 years working in service and IT roles helping clients to evolve better services and products. Matt has facilitated transformations that have resulted in huge cost savings, improved service outcomes, as well as increased satisfaction for staff and stakeholders.

Patrick Szubryt

Executive Strategist

Specialising in AI and ML, Patrick has a proven track transforming businesses, managing technology and providing leading edge consultancy. Leveraging an array of technologies, IT solutions and cutting-edge AI technologies, he has driven product strategy, fostering innovation and facilitating cross-functional collaboration.

Andy Piper

Technology Adviser and Leader

Andy is an enabler, a synthesiser, a connector, and a community-builder. He has worked across industries in global organisations bridging the gaps between humans and technology. Andy works with organisations who promote diversity and inclusion in tech, delivering a clear approach to understanding the possibilities of technology.

Jennifer L. Bryan

Change Management Professional

Professional speaker and Vice President of the Association of Change Management Professionals, with experience ranging from big 4 consultancy to independent clients, driving people centric resilient change by putting people at the heart of decision making. Jennifer has recently been awarded Workplace Leaders Top 50 2024

Craig Ambler

Advisor and Digital Consultant

Recognised as a leading CIO in the UK, named in the CIO 100 2013, 2014 & 2017. Craig has worked with organisations such as Bupa, Capita Health and Wellbeing, specialising in strategic planning, project and agile management, operational management as well as commercial knowledge with focus in building, leading and managing service delivery.

Lisa Bondesio

Transformation and Programme Director

Leads transformation programmes in retailers across industries, helping CEO’s and their teams to make sense of strategy, inspire their workforce and create transformations that deliver tangible business value. Lisa has won ‘UK Interim of the Year’ for her work across world leading organisations.

Per-Ake Tobiasson

Senior Advisor

Per-Ake has more than 30 years experience of executive positions in global companies, including Head of Business Transformation for a leading food packaging and processing company. Per-Ake is a senior advisor and has been invited 3 times to MIT, Boston as a guest speaker as well as awarded CIO of the year 2009 in Sweden.

Michelle Spaul

CX Management Consultant

Helps founders, owners and leaders build revenue and resilience by ensuring customers remain loyal. Michelle works with visionary founders and leaders who want to get ahead of the game and tackle CXM proactively. She has 30 plus years of industry experience working across diverse organisations.

Chris Sutton


Chris helps banks, insurers, and third sector clients to design and implement strategic, process and finance transformation.He brings 13 years of Big Four Management Consulting experience and 15 years as Global Vice President in IT and Business Process. Chris is also a Chartered Accountant and Chartered Management Consultant.

Anja Klüver

Service Experience Director

Independent Service Experience & Innovation Strategist, Experience Designer and Design Entrepreneur with nearly 3 decades of award-winning design and business leadership experience.

Dimitar Filipov

Service Transformation Executive / Management Consultant

Almost 30 years of consulting experience and successful delivery of complex business transformations and IT service improvement programmes to clients in the financial services and manufacturing sectors including FTSE100 organisations.

Michala Liavaag

Information & Cyber Security Consultant

Virtual CISO advisor with 20 years in IT. Michala is an experienced professional, speaker, mentor, and podcaster with a proven record integrating good security practices in fast-paced organisations with complex needs and conflicting priorities. Michala aims to demystify cybersecurity for leaders, enabling them to protect their organisations.

David Kolb

Strategic AI & Digital Transformation Leader

Supports organisations to navigate the uncertainty of long-term impacts in AI by harnessing AI strategically. David is a facilitator and coach with IDEO U, delivering for clients across sectors. David specialised in innovation, and led HSBC as Global Technology & Operations Head. He partners with visionary leaders in the early stages of AI exploration.

Edmund Sutcliffe

Transformation Technology Lead

Steers development and delivery of platform and vendor-neutral, high-performance enterprise infrastructure. Edmund has been CTO, CISO and Product Manager with experience in clients such as Morgan Stanley, Hyperloop, HMRC and Sky. He brings deep technical expertise to challenge the status quo, and achieve meaningful change.

Lisa Valipour

Digital Services Expert

Expert in digital services including SEO, E-commerce, Web Development, UX/UI Design, Digital Advertising, and Innovation Management for clients including BP, Cisco, Brand Uprise, Google, SAP, Andra Capital.

Mark Strefford

AI/ML, Software & Emerging Technology Strategy Technologist

Leads delivery of complex and cutting-edge projects including pan-European eCommerce sites transacting €100m+ per year, leveraging data science and AI for improved operational efficiency, and startups providing VR experiences through AI-powered facial expression tracking.

Si Sultan

Change Director

An experienced global change and delivery expert with a reputation for strong leadership, strategic operational excellence and empathic stakeholder engagement, facilitating commercial growth across the full digital business landscape in multiple sectors and industries.

John Morton

Chief Technology Officer and Consultant

Partner/Consultant and CTO for Fortune 500/FTSE 30 multi-nationals including Siemens, Capita, Intel, University of London, British Land, and Direct Line Insurance. John has most recently been instrumental in creating global cloud based mobile, data insight and payment platforms.

Paul Clavering

Change Lead

Paul has over 20 years experience helping organisations through technical and business programme change. He is the founder of the Manchester Change Forum, as well as a Northern Operations Lead & Co Founder of the NW chapter. Paul focuses on using graphical and easy to understand solutions, to help clients focus change efforts.

Catherine Malli-Dawson

Digital Transformation Consultant

20+ years’ experience in Healthcare, Information Technology, Telecommunications and Consumer Packaged Goods, including creating Healthcare Consulting Services team pipeline from $4M to over $40M with $10M in committed revenue in six months.

Marina Parker

Transformation Leader and Coach

Experienced leader in global transformation roles. Marina has led teams in one of the world’s leading marketing data and analytics companies, operating in 90 markets and serving over half of the Fortune 500 companies, where she has enabled multi-million dollar profitable growth.

Jordan Dalladay-Simpson

The 'Product Doctor'

17+ years of experience building, launching and scaling digital businesses, helping ambitious leaders turn audacious ideas into success stories, and whose design/innovation theories are published by Routledge and Oxford University Press.

Ceema Namazie

Senior Advisor/ Consultant

Interim Director and Consultant with 20 plus years of commercial operational expertise in strategic planning, improving operational processes, as well as governance and internal controls, risk management and business improvement. Experience working with start-ups, SMEs, private, PE-funded, AIM, FTSE, and international multilaterals.

Frank Smits

International Change & Transformation Expert

Frank is an Executive and Director level professional with more than 25 years experience of complex, integrated global programmes. He has cultivated a deep understanding of cross-cultural dynamics and diverse industries, enabling his successful work implementing change initiatives with a global reach. He has worked in organisations including Compass Group, BP and Centrica Energy.

Stephanie McIntosh

Results-driven Change Consultant

Delivers technology change and transformation initiatives in omni channel retail, e-commerce, marketing, performance analytics, market analysis, merchandising, supply chain and sustainability for major retail chains and software firms. Stephanie has 20 plus years experience delivering successful programmes and initiatives for global organisations.

George Martin

Change Specialist

George assists organisations to develop and deliver key strategies at the forefront of innovation and digital transformation. He has over 17 years of change delivery and advisory experience across multiple industry sectors and has worked with C-level executives in multiple FTSE 100 to deliver from strategy development to program execution.

Daire Farnon

Transformer of Leadership Teams

Supports organisations to empower their leadership and management teams, ensures leadership across HR functions and educates how to build successful HR infrastructure. Daire has 20 plus years of HR and leadership experience and has is a Fellow of the Chartered Institute of Personnel and Development.

Stuart Webb

Chief Strategist

Board member, expert speaker and author, fractional Chief Strategist, business mentor, and consultant across all facets of sales & marketing and financial management, mentoring CEOs and directors, commercialising new products, and reviving failing projects.

Indra Books

Experienced Agilist

Indra delivers goal oriented change for organisations wanting to achieve high performance and inclusive team culture. With 25 plus years experience, Indra has won awards such as Startup Consultancies in Spain 2023 by EU Startup News and Best Group Coaching Provider 2023 by Corporate Vision Magazine.

Ajanta Chakraborty

Innovation Expert

Ajanta brings over 18 years of experience in biotechnology research and product development. As well as deep knowledge in Big Data projects, providing data-driven insights and strategies for SMEs and multinational big businesses. Ajanta has led and executed multiple innovation projects across the product life cycle.

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