Who we are


Our founding

HiveMind was born over 10 years ago through a serendipitous meeting between two colleagues at Gartner, Lyndon Docherty and Dave Clark. Both frustrated with missed opportunities, primarily due to how consulting had matured as an industry and all the baggage that brought with it. Siloed business models and hierarchies were and continue to get in the way of bringing together the best people, to do amazing joined up work, yielding great results at a sensible price point; while having fun at the same time.

The vision

Lyndon’s vision was to build an organisation brought together of the best people to work with; based in equal measure on personality, experience and knowledge. Dave was equally interested in disrupting the status quo in the big four traditional consulting engagements, where partners made most of the money and ‘land and expand’ was their modus operandi.

A belief in something better

Although coming from different perspectives, Lyndon and Dave’s visions were complementary and formed the basis of a ‘Constitution’, which incorporated a set of values that were required by those wishing to get involved. This was signed by all who were personally recommended to join and still stands at the centre of all we do today. 

Taking the plunge

Initially founded by Lyndon as Dave continued as an active industry CIO, HiveMind Network grew, winning early clients while the pair stayed close, sharing ideas to evolve the concept.  Within a couple of years, Dave took the plunge too and joined HiveMind, as an investor and co-founder. Soon after, Ben Dickie, another Gartner colleague, also joined and together, Lyndon, Ben and Dave worked to grow the diverse community of experts.

Prioritising our founding values

With a primary focus on uniting people with the right values and behaviours, experts joined HiveMind Network bringing with them a diverse range of skills and disciplines, enabling our multidisciplinary approach to design, change and technology. It’s this holistic approach, flexibly bringing together ‘fusion teams’, which amplifies the value of every team member.

Growing organically

HiveMind's growth has been intentional and consistent, focusing on quality and client satisfaction. Our ambition is to redefine consulting on a global scale through our distinctive approach as a Network — a vision that has earned us recognition from clients and esteemed platforms like The Financial Times two years running.

An accelerated future

As of 2024, we boast over 2500 HiveMind Network members and have worked with incredible clients who share the ambition to engage with expertise differently. To serve both our experts and clients successfully, we launched our two HiveMind Network organisational units; HiveMind Consulting, and HiveMind Resourcing.

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