Who we are


Our mission extends beyond simply connecting clients with experts,
we strive to foster partnerships built on shared values.

We believe that working with individuals who align with your organisation’s
ethos is key to achieving success. With HiveMind, you can connect with experts
who not only possess the necessary expertise but also demonstrate shared values.

Our core values
Informed by Experience; Unified by Respect
We respect knowledge and experience as peers of hierarchy; actively seeking diverse influences for rounded, informed decisions and solutions.
Anchored by Humility, Reciprocity, and Unity
Uniting seasoned executives, innovative entrepreneurs, and leading experts of generous spirit, we align and organise for unparalleled breadth, depth and agility.
Challenging conventional thinking
Challenging convention, seeking new perspectives and delivering innovation for maverick clients who strive for more than the status quo.
Do the things we love doing first and foremost
We recognise that the best work happens when you’re working on something you love. That’s why we work with experts and clients who are passionate about what they do.

Commitment to our clients

Our network of talented experts all believe in changing the way the world works. By uniting expertise from across the globe, we’re able to bring a fresh perspective and energy to every client relationship. Our emphasis on respect, trust and integrity means that our clients know that we will always do the right thing for them, focusing on their opportunities, and helping them build the future. Through uniting independent experts who have the freedom of choice to decide what they work on and who they work with, we know that when our experts commit to a client, they are dedicated to delivering world class service.

Join us

We’re looking for the most capable independent experts working in design, change and tech. If this is you and you feel our network values resonate, then we’d love for you to get in touch.

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