HiveMind Network

Who we are

We’re an award winning expert network that’s disrupted the status quo in how companies find and engage with the expertise needed to stay relevant in a fast moving, hyper-connected digital world.

HiveMind was born out of the belief that in a digitally connected world there was a smarter way of finding and engaging with the right expert and/or experts in a transparent, simple and effective fashion. Whether this is to seek advice, augment organisational capability or capacity, or to take accountability for end to end delivery of a business outcome. We work with clients who are looking to innovate and change their organisations with the right expertise, in the right place for the right length of time, supported by underpinning open frameworks and solutions via a integrated model of consulting and resourcing.

Fusion teams

Our fusion teams unite independent experts with the client's internal teams to leverage on both partners expertise and experience. Our approach fosters a deeper partnership, enhances knowledge transfer, and aligns objectives closely, ensuring that any solutions developed are practical, sustainable, and tailored to the client's specific needs and organizational culture. They ensure that as one team, we can tackle complex problems, innovate smart solutions and achieve our common goals more effectively.

Experts who have real-world experience

Our experts are impressive. They have worked in c-suites, come from the “big four”, or run successful large scale programmes. They are the people who have brilliant portfolios of interesting and complex work and know, from experience, how to support organisations with the right solutions.

Join us

We’re looking for the most capable independent experts working in design, change and tech. If you’re an independent expert and interested in joining us, we recommend you take a look at our values. The people who are right for HiveMind, will find they resonate. If they don’t, then perhaps we aren’t the right fit.