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HiveMind Consulting are the award winning expert network helping to deliver your business outcomes.

Are you a change maverick?

The clients we achieve the greatest with are those who’ve the energy and passion to change the status quo. People who want action and results not long winded reports. We work with ambitious clients who want to reimagine the future and are ready to start building sustainable change.

Speed, agility & adaptability in our DNA

With our flexible approach and network model we’re helping ambitious clients all over the world drive change, scale innovation and bring new ideas to life at-pace.

Tackling “wicked problems” across multiple sectors

Our vast experience across industries allows us to tailor solutions for every client. With diverse expertise, we can help you unlock opportunities, discover new perspectives, and bring your ideas to life.

Combining expertise from our Communities of Excellence to deliver innovation and change at scale and speed

Our communities of excellence are home to experts with deep specialist knowledge across industries. We build teams across our three capabilities that can blend skills and experience to solve the complex challenges our clients face.

Join us

We’re looking for the most capable independent experts working in design, change and tech. If you’re an independent expert and interested in joining us, we recommend you take a look at our values. The people who are right for HiveMind, will find they resonate. If they don’t, then perhaps we aren’t the right fit.

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