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The tech, telecom, media, and entertainment sectors are at the forefront of an unprecedented level of convergence, fueled by rapid technological advances, shifting consumer habits, regulatory evolution, and the blurring lines between content creation, distribution, and consumption.

This integration is driving a comprehensive reassessment of business models, content strategies, and user engagement practices across the entire ecosystem. In this transformative landscape, companies are presented with both formidable challenges and exciting opportunities: mastering this convergence can lead to innovative breakthroughs and market leadership, while failure to adapt will risk obsolescence. We offer our expertise and support to help companies within these interconnected sectors navigate this complex environment, guiding them towards innovative solutions and sustainable growth in a rapidly evolving digital world.

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Seasoned professionals

Seasoned professionals

Our experts are seasoned executives from established corporations, dynamic entrepreneurs disrupting industries, and top minds at the forefront of their fields.

Flexible approach

Flexible approach

Our flexible network model means that we can build fusion teams that work for our clients. Blending client skill sets and capabilities, alongside our own, to deliver bespoke services and results.

Breadth and depth

Breadth and depth

Our network is a community of backgrounds, perspectives, and expertise. Which means, when we unite our experts, we’re able to deliver fresh solutions that solve even the hardest of problems.

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Our teams of leading experts bring a unique blend of technical knowledge, creative vision, and strategic foresight. They are your partners in navigating the evolving digital ecosystem, unlocking opportunities, and helping shape the future of entertainment and communication.

Anja Klüver

Anja is an independent service experience & innovation strategist, experience designer and design entrepreneur with nearly 3 decades of award-winning design and business leadership experience. She has worked with clients including, the Design Council, The Royal Society of Arts, Opodo and Nokia. Previously co-founding Prospect, a London-based Experience Design Consultancy, which was acquired by Manyone, a global strategy-design hybrid, in 2020.

Attul Sehgal

Attul is a seasoned executive with over 25 years experience in digital product and propositions development. Attul has worked with numerous blue-chip companies, including Sumitomo, T-Mobile and BT. He specialises in auditing of assets, building intellectual capital, empowerment-focused training.

Jennifer L. Bryan FCIPD

Professional speaker and Vice President of the Association of Change Management Professionals, with experience ranging from big 4 consultancy to independent clients, driving people centric resilient change by putting people at the heart of decision making. Jennifer has recently been awarded Workplace Leaders Top 50 2024.

Andy Piper

Andy is an enabler, a synthesiser, a connector, and a community-builder. He has worked across industries in global organisations bridging the gaps between humans and technology. Andy works with organisations who promote diversity and inclusion in tech, delivering a clear approach to understanding the possibilities of technology.

Frank Smits

Frank is an Executive and Director level professional with more than 25 years experience of complex, integrated global programmes. He has cultivated a deep understanding of cross-cultural dynamics and diverse industries, enabling his successful work implementing change initiatives with a global reach. He has worked in organisations including Compass Group, BP and Centrica Energy.

Jordan Dalladay-Simpson

The Product Doctor, helping leaders turn ambitious ideas into success stories with pragmatic product strategy. Jordan has over 17 years of experience building, launching and scaling digital businesses. He has design and innovation theories published by Routledge and Oxford University Press.

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