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As the financial services sector rebounds from past upheavals and bolsters its risk management frameworks, priorities continue to revolve around regulatory compliance and cost efficiency.

The landscape is rapidly transforming due to emerging challenges and prospects, such as advancements in artificial intelligence, the rise of financial technology (fintech), the adoption of open banking platforms, and the utilisation of data analytics. Additionally, there’s a growing emphasis on enhancing customer experience and adapting the workforce to new realities. Financial institutions are tasked with addressing these developments amidst an ever-changing risk and regulatory environment.HiveMind is helping our clients define and deliver compelling visions for the future where increased interconnectivity and collaboration, and seamless operations foster trust, drive sustainable growth, and provide value to the customer.

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Seasoned professionals

Seasoned professionals

Our experts are seasoned executives from established corporations, dynamic entrepreneurs disrupting industries, and top minds at the forefront of their fields.

Flexible approach

Flexible approach

Our flexible network model means that we can build fusion teams that work for our clients. Blending client skill sets and capabilities, alongside our own, to deliver bespoke services and results.

Breadth and depth

Breadth and depth

Our network is a community of backgrounds, perspectives, and expertise. Which means, when we unite our experts, we’re able to deliver fresh solutions that solve even the hardest of problems.

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Experts at a glance

In today's dynamic financial landscape, navigating complex regulations, emerging technologies, and evolving market trends requires expertise. Our curated team of independent experts specialised in Financial Services bring extensive experience and deep industry knowledge to the table. They are equipped to partner with you in tackling your most pressing challenges and unlocking strategic growth opportunities.

Chris Sutton

Helps banks, insurers, and third sector clients to design and implement strategic, process and finance transformation. Brings 13 years of Big Four Management Consulting experience and 15 years as Global Vice President in IT and Business Process. Chartered Accountant and Chartered Management Consultant.

Dimitar Filipov

Dimitar demonstrates almost 30 years of consulting experience and successful delivery of complex business transformations and IT service improvement programmes to clients in the financial services and manufacturing sectors including FTSE100 organisations.

Indra Books

Indra delivers goal oriented change for organisations wanting to achieve high performance and inclusive team culture. With 25 plus years experience, Indra has won awards such as Startup Consultancies in Spain 2023 by EU Startup News and Best Group Coaching Provider 2023 by Corporate Vision Magazine.

Stuart Webb

Board member, expert speaker and author, fractional Chief Strategist, business mentor, and consultant across all facets of sales & marketing and financial management, mentoring CEOs and directors, commercialising new products, and reviving failing projects.

Patrick Szubryt

Specialising in AI and ML, Patrick has a proven track transforming businesses, managing technology and providing leading edge consultancy. Leveraging an array of technologies, IT solutions and cutting-edge AI technologies, Patrick has driven product strategy across organisations, fostering innovation and facilitating cross-functional collaboration.

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