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Transforming Higher Education to meet the expectations of the digital age

Higher education institutions are at a crossroads of change, driven by the global pandemic, shifting student expectations, regulatory changes, the urgency of sustainability, and digital transformation.

These factors are compelling universities and colleges to critically reassess their educational delivery, campus operations, and engagement with the broader community. The sector faces the dual challenge of seizing these shifts as opportunities to innovate and expand their impact while recognizing that failure to adapt could threaten their relevance and sustainability. We are dedicated to leveraging our knowledge and resources to support higher education institutions as they navigate this complex terrain, aiming to empower them to achieve breakthroughs in learning, research, and community engagement for sustained growth and relevance.

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Seasoned professionals

Seasoned professionals

Our experts are seasoned executives from established corporations, dynamic entrepreneurs disrupting industries, and top minds at the forefront of their fields.

Flexible approach

Flexible approach

Our flexible network model means that we can build fusion teams that work for our clients. Blending client skill sets and capabilities, alongside our own, to deliver bespoke services and results.

Breadth and depth

Breadth and depth

Our network is a community of backgrounds, perspectives, and expertise. Which means, when we unite our experts, we’re able to deliver fresh solutions that solve even the hardest of problems.

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Experts at a glance

Our independent experts specialised in Higher Education bring a wealth of experience and insight to the challenges facing colleges and universities today. With backgrounds in academic leadership, policy analysis, and curriculum development and much more, they understand the complexities of this dynamic landscape.

Michala Liavaag

Virtual CISO advisor with 20 years in IT. Michala is an experienced professional, speaker, mentor, and podcaster with a proven record integrating good security practices in fast-paced organisations with complex needs and conflicting priorities. Michala aims to demystify cybersecurity for leaders, enabling them to protect their organisations.

Matt Turner

Supports organisations in adopting, adapting and coaching lean agile practices. Matt has over 25 years working in service and IT roles helping clients to evolve better services and products. Matt has facilitated transformations that have resulted in huge cost savings, improved service outcomes, as well as increased satisfaction for staff and stakeholders.

Stephanie McIntosh

Delivers technology change and transformation initiatives in omni channel retail, e-commerce, marketing, performance analytics, market analysis, merchandising, supply chain and sustainability for major retail chains and software firms. Stephanie has 20 plus years experience delivering successful programmes and initiatives for global organisations.

Chris Sutton

Chris helps commercial and third sector clients to design and implement strategic, process and finance transformation.He brings 13 years of Big Four Management Consulting experience and 15 years as Global Vice President in IT and Business Process. Chris is also a Chartered Accountant and Chartered Management Consultant.

Jennifer L. Bryan FCIPD

Professional speaker and Vice President of the Association of Change Management Professionals, with experience ranging from big 4 consultancy to independent clients, driving people centric resilient change by putting people at the heart of decision making. Jennifer has recently been awarded Workplace Leaders Top 50 2024.

George Martin

George assists organisations to develop and deliver key strategies at the forefront of innovation and digital transformation. He has over 17 years of change delivery and advisory experience across multiple industry sectors and has worked with C-level executives in multiple FTSE 100 to deliver from strategy development to program execution.

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