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Navigating a changing landscape to unlock new opportunities

The consumer products and manufacturing sector is adapting to a changing market and evolving consumer expectations. It is essential businesses can find new approaches to ensure they keep up with the growing demands.

The consumer product and manufacturing landscape is undergoing a seismic shift. Sustainability is top-of-mind for both consumers and businesses, forcing a complete reevaluation of operations across the entire value chain. This presents a unique opportunity: companies that can navigate these changes effectively will unlock transformative growth. However, those who fail to adapt risk falling behind.

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Seasoned professionals

Seasoned professionals

Our experts are seasoned executives from
established corporations, dynamic entrepreneurs disrupting industries, and top minds at the forefront of their fields.

Flexible approach

Flexible approach

Our flexible network model means that we can build fusion teams that work for our clients. Blending client skill sets and capabilities, alongside our own, to deliver bespoke services and results.

Breadth and depth

Breadth and depth

Our network is a community of backgrounds, perspectives, and expertise. Which means, when we unite our experts, we’re able to deliver fresh solutions that solve even the hardest of problems.

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Experts at a glance

Our team of leading independent experts have decades of experience in consumer product and manufacturing. They understand the evolving environment faced by consumer product and manufacturing. Discover just just a few of our incredible network who can collaborate with you to navigate the evolving landscape, implement cutting edge solutions, and shape a competitive future for your organisation.

David Kolb

Supports organisations to navigate the uncertainty of long-term impacts in AI by harnessing AI strategically. David is a facilitator and coach with IDEO U, delivering for clients across sectors. David specialised in innovation, and led HSBC as Global Technology & Operations Head. He partners with visionary leaders in the early stages of AI exploration.

Lisa Bondesio

Leads transformation programmes in retailers across industries, helping CEO’s and their teams to make sense of strategy, inspire their workforce and create transformations that deliver tangible business value. Lisa has won ‘UK Interim of the Year’ for her work across world leading organisations.

Matthew Jolliffe

Delivers IT strategy transformation, architecture and digital product advisory. Matthew has 30 plus years of experience with an extensive backgrounds across diverse organisations including Oracle Corporation, DXC, Envirtual and many more. Matthew has shaped solutions for and overseen delivery of a wide range of digital & technology initiatives

Stephanie McIntosh

Delivers technology change and transformation initiatives in omni channel retail, e-commerce, marketing, performance analytics, market analysis, merchandising, supply chain and sustainability for major retail chains and software firms. Stephanie has 20 plus years experience delivering successful programmes and initiatives for global organisations.

Mark Strefford

Leads delivery of complex and cutting-edge projects including pan-European eCommerce sites transacting €100m+ per year, leveraging data science and AI for improved operational efficiency, and startups providing VR experiences through AI-powered facial expression tracking.

Dimitar Filipov

Dimitar demonstrates almost 30 years of consulting experience and successful delivery of complex business transformations and IT service improvement programmes to clients in the financial services and manufacturing sectors including FTSE100 organisations.

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