Unlock sustainable change and adapt at pace. We guide organisations that want to deliver lasting change and prioritise people at their core.

In our hyper-connected turbulent world, business leaders clearly recognise the need to evolve and adapt at a pace, pace which would have seemed almost impossible only a decade ago. HiveMind’s change capability helps clients create an organisation that brings out the best in your people and delivers lasting and sustainable change.

HiveChange difference

Managing change effectively is complex and it requires real understanding of the
organisation and its people. HiveMind’s ability to create teams that have both led and
experienced change across multiple organisations, means we’re working not only from
theory, but from deep experience.



What are you looking to achieve?

Shift cultural behaviours

We help clients facilitate change throughout their organisation by introducing programs that build skills and incentivise the right behaviours whilst, incorporating essential themes of change into your portfolio, programmes and projects.

Driving Diversity, Equity and Inclusion (DE&I)

Numerous studies show that organisations with diverse teams are better in attracting and keeping top talent, making better decisions, and innovating more effectively. Our DEI experts can help you create and deliver initiatives that enhance Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion (DE&I) skills throughout your organisation,

Creating enterprise agility & adaptability

Nowadays, the ability to be swift and flexible can outweigh the advantage of sheer size, when it brings with it rigidity. Tech advancements, changing customer preferences, and evolving employee expectations are transforming conventional business practices in many sectors. HiveMind has in-depth expertise in helping our clients combine the advantages of scale with the nimbleness, adaptability, and robustness required to succeed in today's world.

Accelerating organisational design

Integrating structure, process, people, and technology is key to impactful and sustainable organisational change. Our org redesign approach goes far beyond simple structural changes, addressing deeper issues and capability needs within a clear “North Star” strategy. We tailor design to your  business's unique strengths and challenges, delivering greater benefits more efficiently and effectively.

Building high performance teams

Our experts have helped companies launch hundreds of them, providing leadership awareness, skills training, organisational guidance, and change management expertise to build high performance teams, quickly. From hands-on mentoring and coaching through to our joint client and expert fusion teams, we’re able to help.

Talent management and upskilling

Emphasising the importance of managing, retaining, and upskilling your organisation’s talent to keep pace in a hyper-connected digital world involves looking at smarter ways of  delivering workforce learning and development programmes.  Hivemind has worked with some of the world's largest employers in this space.

The skills and capabilities we unite under HiveChange


Experts at a glance

Jennifer L. Bryan

Professional speaker and Vice President of the Association of Change Management Professionals, with experience ranging from big 4 consultancy to independent clients, driving people centric resilient change by putting people at the heart of decision making.

Marina Parker

Experienced leader in global transformation roles. Marina has led teams in one of the world’s leading marketing data and analytics companies, operating in 90 markets and serving over half of the Fortune 500 companies, where she has enabled multi-million dollar profitable growth.

Partnered with

Smurfit Kappa Kantar

George Martin

George assists organisations to develop and deliver key strategies at the forefront of innovation and digital transformation. He has over 17 years of change delivery and advisory experience across multiple industry sectors and has worked with C-level executives in multiple FTSE 100 to deliver from strategy development to program execution.

Paul Clavering

Paul has over 20 years experience helping organisations through technical and business programme change. He is the founder of the Manchester Change Forum, as well as a Northern Operations Lead & Co Founder of the NW chapter. Paul focuses on using graphical and easy to understand solutions, to help clients focus change efforts.

Si Sultan

An experienced global change and delivery expert with a reputation for strong leadership, strategic operational excellence and empathic stakeholder engagement, facilitating commercial growth across the full digital business landscape in multiple sectors and industries.

Matt Turner

Over 25 years working in a wealth of Service and IT roles, adopting, adapting and coaching Lean Agile practices (in BBC, Airbnb, Rolls Royce, UK Gov, Network Rail, Red Cross, Local Authorities and more) to evolve better services & products.

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