Empowering your digital future by building fusion teams that can enable the co-creation of user-centric solutions, transform legacy systems & build a secure digital future for world leading organisations.

Our technology community helps our CIO, CTO and CDO clients and their teams to leverage modern technologies for growth and relevance, whilst transforming  and optimising legacy systems. We look to focus on co-creating innovative user centric solutions to underpin your digital strategy, underpinned by robust cybersecurity.


HiveTech difference

By building bespoke teams for our clients, made up of some of the worlds best tech
independent experts, we can leverage extensive experience and knowledge from across
various sectors to create a unique technology capability. This powerful combination
allows us to reimagine the future for our clients and deliver cutting-edge solutions.

What are you looking to achieve?

Cybersecurity enhancement

We can help you focus on robust cybersecurity measures to protect against increasingly sophisticated cyber threats, including those amplified by AI, and ensuring that cybersecurity strategies align with your overall business objectives​​.

Talent management and upskilling

Emphasising the importance of managing, retaining, and upskilling your IT talent to keep pace with new technology trends such as AI, cloud migration, and digital transformation. This involves looking at smarter ways of workforce learning and development programmes.

Cloud first organisation

Prioritising cloud engineering to leverage cloud-native software development, which is key to updating infrastructure, migrating data, and accelerating the realisation of ideas. This focus is crucial for generating meaningful ROI from tech investments and supporting business scaling and global expansion efforts​​.

Scaling GenAI for business innovation

Spearheading strategies to scale generative AI (GenAI) across the business, moving beyond individual applications to achieve significant productivity gains. This involves adopting an "AI factory" approach, which is integral to supporting new business models and enabling innovations like hyper-personalization​​.

Driving technology innovation and agility

Leading the charge in technology innovation and ensuring the organisation remains agile and competitive. This includes collaborating with product and engineering teams to develop innovative products, piloting digital business platforms, and ensuring comprehensive risk assessments for new technologies​​.

Shaping customer experiences

Extending the role of CTO and CIO’s to include the development of personalised customer experiences, utilising data analytics, and leveraging technology trends such as omnichannel strategies, machine learning, and AI. This focus is on translating customer insights into valuable experiences, thereby enhancing customer service and satisfaction​​.

The skills and capabilities we unite under HiveTech


Experts at a glance

Andy Piper

Andy is an enabler, a synthesiser, a connector, and a community-builder. He has worked across industries in global organisations bridging the gaps between humans and technology. Andy works with organisations who promote diversity and inclusion in tech, delivering a clear approach to understanding the possibilities of technology.

Michala Liavaag

Virtual CISO advisor with 20 years in IT. Michala is an experienced professional, speaker, mentor, and podcaster with a proven record integrating good security practices in fast-paced organisations with complex needs and conflicting priorities. Michala aims to demystify cybersecurity for leaders, enabling them to protect their organisations.

Edmund Sutcliffe

Steers development and delivery of platform and vendor-neutral, high-performance enterprise infrastructure. Edmund has been CTO, CISO and Product Manager with experience in clients such as Morgan Stanley, Hyperloop, HMRC and Sky. He brings deep technical expertise to challenge the status quo, and achieve meaningful change.

John Morton

Partner/Consultant and CTO for Fortune 500/FTSE 30 multi-nationals including Siemens, Capita, Intel, University of London, British Land, Direct Line Insurance, recently creating global cloud based mobile, data insight and payment platforms.

Ian Carrol

Over 30 years of hands-on experience helping clients nurture high performance teams. Has trained and coached hundreds of software development teams in Kanban and Agile techniques. A regular speaker at Agile, Lean and Kanban related conferences. Clients include: Rolls Royce, and other sites, NHS, DWP, Defra,, retail, transport, etc. 5,309 LI followers.

Catherine Malli-Dawson

Catherine has over 20 years’ experience in Healthcare, Information Technology, Telecommunications and Consumer Packaged Goods. She has demonstrated impressive results, building a Healthcare Consulting Services team pipeline from $4M to over $40M with $10M in committed revenue in six months. Catherine’s approach puts the patient at the centre of the conversation. 

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