Designing the future through sustainable solutions that can tackle even the most complex challenges. We partner with mavericks to reimagine products, build design that delights, and unites innovation with company culture.

We help our clients and partners drive growth and relevance by spotting opportunities to co-create what’s next for your organisation. This includes new products, customer strategy, experience, culture and more. Design-led approaches are in our DNA and we seek to take a human-centric approach to all that we do.

Thomas Watson Jnr famously said “Good design is good business”, and in a world where stakeholder expectation is evolving at a pace previously unseen, never has there been a more imperative time than yesterday to start harnessing the power of design with exponential technology opportunities.


HiveDesign difference

Innovative design is in our DNA. HiveDesign itself is built to blend decades of design
experience and learning, across sectors, into one capability that can reimagine the future
for our clients.

What are you looking to achieve?

Deliver new products to market

HiveDesign has all the product bases covered from strategy and inception through to creation. Our strategists, designers and engineers collaborate to ensure you get product-market fit at pace. 

Create better customer experiences

HiveDesign is all about creating better experiences, our strategists and designers are passionate about creating experiences that wow.

Kick start innovation

HiveDesign is your partner when you are looking to innovate, experiment or think about what’s next. We have the experts and propositions to get going quickly to help you get a return on imagination.

Design and deploy new employee experiences

HiveDesign is passionate about building next generation work experiences and cultures. We use design centric techniques to create differentiated experiences that maximise the chances of attracting the right talent.

Infuse design and innovation into your culture

HiveDesign can’t imagine a world without innovation and design. We love to collaborate with customers as a partner to help them build their own muscle and embed it into their culture.

The skills and capabilities we unite under HiveDesign


Experts at a glance

Michelle Spaul

Michelle helps founders, owners and leaders build revenue and resilience by ensuring customers remain loyal. Michelle works with visionary founders and leaders who want to get ahead of the game and tackle CXM proactively. She has 30 plus years of industry experience working across diverse organisations.

Jordan Dalladay-Simpson

17+ years of experience building, launching and scaling digital businesses, helping ambitious leaders turn audacious ideas into success stories, and whose design/innovation theories are published by Routledge and Oxford University Press.

Lisa Valipour

Expert in digital services including SEO, E-commerce, Web Development, UX/UI Design, Digital Advertising, and Innovation Management for clients including BP, Cisco, Brand Uprise, Google, SAP, Andra Capital.

Anja Klüver

Anja is an independent service experience & innovation strategist, experience designer and design entrepreneur with nearly 3 decades of award-winning design and business leadership experience. She has worked with clients including, the Design Council, The Royal Society of Arts, Opodo and Nokia. Previously co-founding Prospect, a London-based Experience Design Consultancy, which was acquired by Manyone, a global strategy-design hybrid, in 2020.

Andy Piper

Andy is an enabler, a synthesiser, a connector, and a community-builder. He has worked across industries in global organisations bridging the gaps between humans and technology. Andy works with organisations who promote diversity and inclusion in tech, delivering a clear approach to understanding the possibilities of technology. These have included, Twitter, VMware and IBM.

David Kolb

Supports organisations to navigate the uncertainty of long-term impacts in AI by harnessing AI strategically. David is a facilitator and coach with IDEO-U, delivering for clients across sectors. David specialised in innovation, and led HSBC as Global Technology & Operations Head. He partners with visionary leaders in the early stages of AI exploration.

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