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Why Our Clients Engage

We asked our clients what they like most about HiveMind, and why they keep using us. Three phrases come up repeatedly; Flexibility and Agility, Integrity and Experience, and Value for Money.

We combine the very best of several worlds. The consistency, continuity, breadth and depth of the large traditional consulting firms, the agility and customer focus of the smaller, niche consultancies, and the specialist deep subject matter expertise and affordability of the very best independent practitioners. All delivered in a frictionless way.

Integrity, Trust & Experience

The average time our experts have worked in their specialist area is over 14 years. Bringing together experienced people based primarily on their values and behaviours eliminates friction and many blockers, so we hit the ground running and deliver a positive impact within days, not weeks or months.

As we built HiveMind by seeking out those who share our values above all else, our areas of expertise are naturally broad, cutting across disciplines and traditional functional barriers.

Flexibility and Agility

HiveMind has been built from the ground up taking a multi-disciplinary approach and to operate in a highly agile way, providing the ultimate in flexibility of service. Whether it’s a brief call with deep subject matter experts or a mixed delivery team for 12 months, we deliver. 

You engage with expertise and services you want, how you want, for only as much you need. We can supplement your team’s capacity, augment your capabilities and transfer as much knowledge as works for you.

Value for money

Our people aren’t just effective because they’re aligned around behaviours, but because we also have many of the most capable experts in the world within our network. Putting that aside, on a like for like basis, we’re typically a third to a half the cost of our closest competitors. To do this we use remote working wherever possible and an on-demand contract where clients only pay for what’s valuable, when they need it.

No luxurious city centre premises or marble flooring; just brilliant, joined up expertise.

What our clients are saying:

I’m delighted to say that HiveMind changed my mind about consultancy, demonstrating that with their model, high value can be achieved at minimal cost

John Morea, CEO, Scotia Gas Networks

HiveMind helped us bring to life our imaginative and innovative strategy for improving animal welfare across the UK, appealing to all stakeholders


HiveMind have supported us in customer experience, digital strategy, and innovation with a model that keeps costs down, and not at the expense of quality

Nick Burton, Group CDO, Autoglass

Greater than

the sum of one

A community without shared purpose is just a network of loose connections and relationships. HiveMind expert practitioners share a core purpose and participate in a business model which encourages and enables us to work together as a cohesive and coherent group, whilst still enabling internal competitiveness to benefit our clients.

HiveMind ensures accountability for the work our experts deliver, managing and assuring the quality and outcome whilst seamlessly integrating any services required to deliver the changes you need.

Helping Build
Great Businesses

Our core purpose is to help build smarter, more sustainable, agile, people focused and innovative businesses around the world. We bring together people with the passion, energy and ability to deliver positive change.

In today’s complex, challenging and fast moving world, delivering change is a multi-disciplinary team effort. It’s software, marketing, finance, people, operations and more. All aligned to a clear direction and purpose.

World-Class Insight, Consulting
Coaching & Delivery; Combined

Advice, Assurance & Support

Call upon expert practitioners for independent, practical advice, insight, coaching and support, based on real life experiences and delivery. Talk to peers who’ve been on similar journeys.

High Impact Consulting

Tier one consulting from world class experts. No land and expand, no on-the-job-learning, no sky high rates; simply high quality, informed, innovative and targeted consulting to help solve your most pressing challenges.

Accelerated Delivery

Outcome driven engagements with skilled multi-disciplinary teams can rapidly deliver new business capabilities, products and services that drive customer engagement, operational excellence and growth.

Supported by Store Performance

To help harness the collective knowledge, experience, ingenuity and insight of over 2000 experts from multiple disciplines, and to make that expertise readily available to our clients, we developed “The Answer Store”.

For our client members it means being able to analyse and deconstruct your challenges, then find and draw upon the diverse expertise, tools, insight and services needed to address them in the most cost effective, transparent and efficient way possible.

For our expert members, it enables them to collaborate on developing, sharing and delivering new and extended solutions to address market needs.

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