People Who Care
Delivering Change that Matters
In Ways that Work


People Who Care

Bringing together people with shared values, means better alignment for;
  • More Effective and Productive Work
  • Faster Ability to Create, Build & Demonstrate Better Solutions & Create Sustainable Outcomes
  • A much, much more Enjoyable Working Environment

Change That Matters

Focused where it matters most, we help organisations to better;
  • Effect Change and Transformation
  • Create Amazing Digital Products and Services
  • Modernise Technology for Business Impact and Cost Savings

In Ways That Work

We're different to work with in ways you'll really benefit from;
  • Extend Your Portfolio and Focus More on Delivery
  • Learn From and with Great Colleagues whilst Remaining Independent
  • More Interesting Work, Leveraging our Breadth, Depth & Reach

Membership Benefits at a Glance

Extend your client portfolio

You can only do so much alone. Building a portfolio of quality clients is hard. As part of HiveMind Network we work with you to help you develop and market your services to build your client portfolio and increase your revenue.

Profit Sharing

As a member of the HiveMind Network you will be eligible to participate in our profit sharing scheme, which means;

  • Product/Service sales commission
  • Engagement revenue share

Professional Development

Not only does HiveMind amplify access to quality clients, our communities also help you develop your own skills and competencies working alongside like minded colleagues and often as part of a multidisciplinary team.

Go to Market Collaboration

We provide the sales and marketing skills to help you win more work and market your business. We provide;

  • Online assessment tools and case studies
  • Access to government frameworks
  • Marketing campaign tools
  • Proposal design hub
  • Commercial and negotiation support

Access to new Opportunities

Available to our expert practitioners is the Jobs and Opportunities board where members can;

  • Seek help from other experts to support your clients when you’re already busy
  • Provide your services in response to HiveMind client requirements
  • Offer other members your skill sets and services

Take a Quick ‘Fit Test’

Can you say YES to at least 3 of the following questions?

  •  Do you prefer hybrid working, with opportunities to work on your own and with teammates?
  • Do you often question why things are done, then want to drive improvements to thinking or processes?
  • Do you believe it’s more important to do work you enjoy or love, above working for inflated rates in unhealthy environments?
  • Do you believe respect should come from knowledge and experience and not just hierarchy?
  • Do you believe that working as part of a team is a stronger proposition for clients, peers and yourself, more than working alone?
  • Would you be open to sharing your knowledge and experience with peers to benefit your teammates and a wider network collective?
  • Do you enjoy exploring new ideas and adopting alternative approaches to solving problems?
  • Do you proactively ‘give-back’ to community groups you are part of?


If it’s a yes, then look at joining our free membership.

Our Values

  • Respect knowledge, not just titles
  • Demonstrate deep subject matter expertise, combined with humility
  • Act with integrity, decency and reciprocity towards colleagues at all times

  • Continually seek to demonstrate that we’re stronger together
  • Challenge conventional thinking
  • Do things you love doing first and foremost
  • Demonstrate generosity of spirit in all that you do

Some of our clients:

Helping people that care,deliver change that matters

On-demand talent has changed, and we're leading in every respect.

Over the last eight years there’s been a proliferation of on-demand talent marketplaces; most of which are resprayed recruitment agencies. From the outset, HiveMind was built as a business and technology consulting network. This means;

  • We’re Accountable
    We take accountability for the quality of our members and the way they work to deliver to our clients. We’ve built quality management into each and every engagement.
  • From Insight and Advice through to hands on Delivery of our consulting recommendations.
    We provide a joined-up, one-stop shop to our clients for delivering their change programmes. From high level insight and advice, focused consulting and then integrated client and expert delivery teams, (Fusion teams). Talent marketplaces just aren’t configured to offer this.

What our experts are saying

I have enjoyed working with other HiveMind colleagues for a global company. Good people, good model with great potential

Adrian Wakefield

My decision making support has helped the IT Director and senior leadership team of the UK's leading tea company transform their business!

Dave Jones

Being part of the network has enabled me to provide an additional reach to my own companies capabilities

Anja Klüver

This way

to a new way

Clients needs and expectations around engaging external experts are shifting, and many of the early disruptors in this space now take significant market share from conventional consultancies and system integrators.

Amplify your ability to win work, deepen and strengthen your client relationships and at the same time tackle complex and larger challenges.