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Transforming IT in a leading FMCG company

The challenge

Purple, a leading provider of WiFi and RTLS (Real-Time Location Services), sought to investigate whether they could pivot and expand their professional services experiences to generate revenue whilst driving new possibilities for a growing customer base. This presented a multi-dimensional opportunity that included understanding where novel customer value could be created, and how to effect a mindset shift from pro-bono support to fee-earning models, both internally and externally.

The solution

HiveMind Consulting partnered with Purple to implement a two-stage process, drawing on experiences from the HiveMind Consulting Accelerator product portfolio. The initial stage, Spark>Vision, utilised research, discovery, and "newscasting" techniques to build insights and consensus regarding the path forward. This approach ensured that diverse perspectives were understood and a future vision articulated as an article, rendering the direction clear and straightforward.

The second stage, Ignite>Concept, focused on a priority opportunity identified during the Vision activity. Within days, using design-led techniques the team facilitated Purple's exploration of one of their potential new customer offers. The process also highlighted adjacent opportunities and established a foundation for informed discussions within the organisation.

The result

Within days a ‘Newscast’ that could be leveraged to tell the story of the strategy and direction was created. This was augmented with a topic map and discovery canvas that supported ongoing strategic discussion. The second activity brainstormed several new customer workshops, their content and an experience architecture to bring them to life giving Purple a pathway to a set of experiments that could validate ideas and provide opportunities for refining and building ideas.

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