People Who Care
Delivering Change that Matters
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People Who Care

Hand picking people with shared values, means aligned behaviours for;
  • More Effective and Productive Work
  • Faster Ability to Build and Demonstrate Solutions
  • A much, much more Enjoyable Working Environment

Change That Matters

Focused where it matters most, we help organisations to better;
  • Effect Change and Transformation
  • Create Amazing Digital Products and Services
  • Modernise Technology for Business Impact and Cost Savings

It’s How We Work

We're different to work with in ways you'll really benefit from;
  • Fully Flexible Contracts, whilst being Accountable
  • Engaging On-Demand, Only Charging for Value Delivered
  • We're Multi-Disciplinary and Outcome Focused by default

Our Focus

To ensure we’re aligned and responsive to rapidly changing market needs, we organise our huge and diverse network of expertise together around 3 core areas of primary enterprise demand;


Driving performance by helping business and technology leaders to design, build and implement innovative digital products that deliver outstanding experiences for their customers.

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We support the design and embedding of change in demanding, large scale organisations, with people at the heart and centre of focus.


We providing the experience, solutions and skills to help transform and optimise enterprise IT capabilities

The search for ultra competence and ultra value is over. Get both with HiveMind.

Revolutionary, agile engagement

Yes, we deliver consulting in a smart way, with innovations such as our ‘Answer Store’ solution platform. But we also select unconventional expertise through a values-driven approach that gels teams together perfectly. You’re also free to engage with only the expertise and services you want, in the way which suits you.

Affordable, transparent expertise

We believe you should pay for our expertise and not the marble flooring. No luxury city centre premises; just local skills and capabilities, backed up by a global network and fantastic remote facilities means you take advantage of top calibre, joined-up expertise for a third to a half of the cost of our closest competitors.

Tier one integrity and experience

The average time our specialists have worked in their area of expertise is ~14 years. There’s no on-the-job learning here, just targeted, highly focussed people who have been on the journey you’re on already. This means we hit the ground running and deliver a positive impact within days not weeks

Is it easy building 
great businesses?

  • The challenges that matter are the big ones. 

How often do you feel like you have to choose whether to embrace bigger challenges that will really make a difference, or carry on with the work you already do? With HiveMind support, you can do both.

  • Sustainable change is multi-faceted

Most projects are finite in duration, and with an urgent need for strong leadership and exceptional execution, many companies fall short in addressing the short-term capacity requirements to deliver on the needs of the business on-time and with quality. 

  • Speed of outcome is a team issue. 

Mobilisation of people and intelligence can be challenging, particularly across multiple business functions. We recognise that each business area and leader has their own challenges. That’s where HiveMind experts can support you.

  • It’s harder when you’ve ‘made it’!

If you already lead your sector, that ceiling looks impossible to breach. This is often where advice and mentoring from experts with relevant experience in your industry can be invaluable. 

Trusted across sectors

We’ve helped global enterprises develop and implement critical strategies, and helped change the way companies work
We’ve built out new products and services, helped utilities to become agile, and helped startups to scale.




Higher Education


Financial Services

Facilities Management

Construction Services

Business Process Outsourcing

IT and Digital Services

Outsourced Public Services

Tech Startup and Scale

Some of our clients:

What our clients are saying:

I’m delighted to say that HiveMind changed my mind about consultancy, demonstrating that with their model, high value can be achieved at minimal cost

John Morea, CEO, Scotia Gas Network

HiveMind helped us bring to life our imaginative and innovative strategy for improving animal welfare across the UK, appealing to all stakeholders


HiveMind have supported us in customer experience, digital strategy, and innovation with a model that keeps costs down, and not at the expense of quality

Nick Burton, Group CDO, Autoglass

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