Answers Your Business 

Our Story, Our Why

We firmly believe that purpose driven, truly agile, customer focused organisations will dominate the business landscape and we’re pioneering this new generation of thinking and working.

We’ve built our organisation around putting people first; both within our organisation and within our clients.

Why HiveMind Exists

The underlying purpose which led us to create HiveMind and underpins all we do, is to bring together people who are amazing to work with and are great to be around. They can then get along and work together really well, helping build better, more sustainable, agile and innovative businesses; putting satisfaction and enjoyment for people first.

How We Operate

By creating a global professional services network, bringing together the very best independent and entrepreneurial specialists in the fields of business, technology and design, we’re supported by a business model and enabling platform which helps grow and amplify our abilities. Adding a frictionless and revolutionary engagement model, we make doing business with us easy and enjoyable.

What We Do

We provide outstanding business, technology and design services that enable our clients to deliver sustainable and positive change in a volatile, uncertain, complex and ambiguous world. Put simply, we help people that care, to deliver change that matters.

The Hive Mindset

We keep mentioning our values because without them and a clear purpose, HiveMind simply wouldn’t work. These values are embedded into every decision we take and every initiative we get involved with.  

  • Challenge conventional thinking,
  • Earn respect through knowledge not hierarchy,
  • Do the things we love doing first and foremost,
  • Demonstrate generosity of spirit in all that we do,
  • Demonstrate deep subject matter expertise combined with humility,
  • Act with fairness, decency and reciprocity towards one another,
  • Recognise & continually seek to demonstrate that we’re stronger together.

Our Differentiators

  • Use only what or who you need, only when you need.
  • Only consume budget where and when value is delivered.
  • Frictionless ability to instantly change shape and scale of support as your needs evolve.
  • Change pace to suite changing demands from within your business or your market.
  • Develop a deep partner understanding of your environment for strategic support at a fraction of the cost of a typical strategic relationship, through an on-demand model.
  • Cap costs while maintaining full flexibility around work; ensuring we’re always focused on what’s valuable to you and not just what’s on an outdated SoW.
  • Above all else – Work with people you’ll enjoy working with. Our values drive our behaviours and you’ll notice the difference from day 1.