Success Stories

From uncertainty to impact: How design thinking helped a pet charity chart its future

The challenge

A leading UK pet charity, known for its incredible work, approached us with a challenge. They were passionate about continuing to improve the lives of animals and their owners, but the landscape of pet welfare was constantly evolving. They needed a clear vision for the future to ensure their services remained relevant and impactful.

The solution

We knew a one-size-fits-all approach wouldn't do. Instead, we embarked on a collaborative design thinking journey. We assembled a diverse team from across the charity, from frontline staff to leadership. Through facilitated workshops, we explored user personas – in this case, both pet owners and animals – and delved into their "day in the life" experiences. By focusing on needs and pain points, we sparked innovative ideas and fostered a shared understanding.

The result

The design thinking process culminated in a powerful visual – a "big picture" that captured all the possibilities for the charity's future. This wasn't just a static image; it became a dynamic tool. The big picture served as a central compass, guiding the charity's next steps and decision-making. It united the team around a shared vision, providing a clear roadmap for navigating the path towards a brighter, more impactful future for pets and people alike.

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