Success Stories

Supercharging cross brand opportunities for RSK

The challenge

RSK, a global engineering firm with a portfolio exceeding $1 billion, sought to optimise cross-brand referrals and enhance collaboration among its acquired brands. To unlock untapped opportunities and foster internal synergy, RSK needed a solution to facilitate seamless communication and identify growth prospects across its diverse brand portfolio.

The solution

We embarked on a transformative journey in response to RSK's imperative for enhanced internal collaboration. Leveraging our Rapid Ignite>Vision methodology, we facilitated dynamic ideation sessions to envision and conceptualise an innovative solution. Subsequently, our App Dev team swiftly brought the vision to life.

Within six weeks, we developed a scalable, cloud-based internal app prototype designed to provide comprehensive visibility across RSK's brands, offering regional insights and opportunities for cross-internal brand referrals. The prototype garnered acclaim from customers for its usability and potential impact on business growth.

The result

The implementation of the new app yielded remarkable results for RSK, driving a significant increase in cross-brand referrals and internal collaboration. With enhanced visibility and insights into regional opportunities, RSK experienced a notable surge in business growth, surpassing expectations by over 20%.

By fostering a culture of collaboration and knowledge sharing, the app not only facilitated internal referrals but also educated brands on next best actions for sustainable growth. As a result, RSK stands poised for continued success in maximising share of wallet and driving collective business growth across its diverse brand portfolio.

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