Success Stories

Enabling agility and innovation to modernise systems

"The approach and the way that they've shown me Agile has changed the way that I work."

Christina Simmons, Digital Marketing Lead

The challenge

World leading marine insurer, Standard Club, grappled with challenges in systems ownership and dependence on a third-party management provider. This situation not only posed risks but also impeded their ability to adapt and innovate effectively. The company urgently needed a solution to migrate systems, update legacy infrastructure, and establish agile practices to ensure sustainable growth in a rapidly evolving landscape.

The solution

In response to Standard Club's needs, we embarked on a collaborative journey to address their challenges. Conducting a meticulous assessment of their existing systems and processes, we identified areas for improvement and developed a detailed migration roadmap. We also partnered to devise a maturity development plan for agile adoption, laying the groundwork for transformative change.

Our Dev-aaS team seamlessly executed the migration plan, ensuring minimal disruption and accelerating progress significantly, facilitating a smooth transition to updated systems and infrastructure. Simultaneously, our Agile-aaS team instilled agile practices and successful sprint methodologies, enabling Standard Club to establish its own agile footing and fostering a culture of innovation and adaptability within the organisation.

The result

By embracing our comprehensive solution, Standard Club underwent a remarkable transformation in systems management and operational agility. Armed with modernised infrastructure and agile practices, the company is now better equipped to navigate challenges, drive innovation, and seize opportunities for growth. With enhanced systems ownership and agile capabilities, Standard Club is poised for continued success in an ever-changing business landscape.

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