Success Stories

Unearthing the moonshot with a leading UK gas supplier

"One of the most engaging and enjoyable pieces of consulting we’ve ever experienced"

Andrew Quail, Director of IT and Innovation

The Challenge

A national leader in gas supply and networks, Scotia Gas Networks (SGN) faced escalating challenges in future-proofing gas supply and maximising safety. This required strategic guidance to establish how best to modernise across five critical areas to continue to meet its objectives, to navigate these complexities and drive transformation.

The Solution

To address SGN's needs, we used our Ten:X approach, assembling a team of exceptional experts to spearhead the transformation process. Leveraging inclusive, design-led methodologies, we created a comprehensive modernisation outline complete with a robust business case, research-based journeys, compelling stories, and transformation scenarios. Our approach ensured alignment from frontline staff to the boardroom, maximising buy-in and fostering a culture of innovation.

The Result

In just under twelve weeks, SGN co-created a comprehensive business case and future state design to position itself at the forefront of gas network modernisation. SGN is primed to meet evolving industry demands and achieve sustainable growth by enhancing frontline services, optimising employee value propositions, and navigating regulatory frameworks.

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